Answer #6, Nine more to go...

Mary L, from Queens, NYC, gets this week's $15 ITunes gift card because I picked her question, I have nine more to give away, one a week!!

The question: "You say you are a non profit blog, why are there ad's on your blog?"

My answer:  Great question Mary, the answer is easy, I post them because they are either friends or places, venues or people who have helped make the blog the success that is.

The Avon ad is my dear friend Holly. The Katrina's ad is a venue that is not only a good place to go, but the owner, Katrina has live music every night and is truly trying help local artists. The Classic Soul Network is there because I love Classic Soul! take the 15 bucks and buy some music from the wonderful artists you see on Streetcred!!

Don't tell, but that's Ivete Sangalo!

Thanks Mary for taking the time!!

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #1, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

She is spiritual, but belongs to no religion. She fights for woman's rights. I met her in 1988, did not know who she was.  She was involved in the Thelonious Monk piano competition in Washington, DC. I though she was a Princess from the 19th Century when I met her, after I heard her play I knew she was from the future.

....she asked the bartender if she had any honey, and stupid me asked "do you sing too?" 
...looking back now, I realize how dumb that must have sounded to her, this woman's voice is of another world!

listen: as she takes Gershwin to another level...

...from Azerbaijan, nicknamed Jazziza, as a 2 year old, because she sang and danced to jazz.... known as "The Princess of Jazz", here is Aziza getting sounds a piano only makes when it is in love with the artist. Doing Gershwin

"for me the spiritual part of life is most important, minds must connect" 

                                                                         Aziza Mustafa Zadeh #1



Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #3, Clara Lofaro

When I see her perform, every emotion I have gets a jolt. I wonder how such lyrics can be written by such a young songstress...poignant, universal words of love, heartbreak, joy, reminiscence, and optimism. Her work on the piano is just as explicit, completing the mystique, of this wonderful young artist...Clara Lofaro.

...her CD, "Clara Lofaro" is wonderful, her single and Video "Just Smile" will be all over TV this spring...listen here to Clara's words and piano...I love this tune called "Wrinkled $".. 

...get to know Clara a bit...with this interview...

...this is the tune that Clara wrote for her dad..and dad's everywhere, a classic....."Daddy's Song"
the lyrics, melody, Clara's voice, and the piano are arrows through my heart... 

                                                           Clara Lofaro #3

Clara will be at the Canal Room, NYC...January, 25th!!

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #4 Carly Simon

My home girl from the Bronx, Riverdale. I first saw her in a small theater in Newark, New Jersey. I guess 1969 or 70. When she sings she is taking my heart and bouncing it on the floor. Her words tell the story of my life. Watching her play the piano is like watching an act of nature, her left hand seems to be moved by a spirit. Carly Simon.

 ...some vintage, I mean timeless Carly:

Talent crosses all gaps, gender, genre, language, and age: Carly is still magnificent.

I saw her do this tune (one of the greatest in the American song book) twice, on both occasions, half way through, uncontrollable tears would roll down her face...
....after I saw the documentary film on her family, I knew why.....

                                                                           Carly Simon #4

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #5, Jade Simmons

Former First Runner Up Miss America, represented America as a webcast host of the  Tchaikovsky Competition, in Russia, in 2011, performed at the White House this Christmas.  Educator, entrepreneur, always helping young artists...#5  Jade Simmons.
 ...I love her tweets, they are hilarious, some of her tweets from Russia this summer were classics, they always make me smile!!
Jade Simmons

Here is a piece I call "Jade in Jeans"...actually it's a sound check!! of Jade's favorites is Rachmaninoff, this summer in Russia she had the honor of playing the very piano he composed on, in the very same room.

here is a review I did of her CD..."Revolutionary Rhythm"

here is the "educator" side of this talented artist!!

I love Jade and I was so disturbed when I saw this:

                                           Jade Simmons  #5.

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #6, Yula Beeri

Warning: A diva is a woman who is extremely talented. The term was originally used to refer to stars of the operatic world, and now more generally to talk about talented female musicians in all genres.

This term is Italian, taken from the Latin diva, which means “goddess” or “divine one.” The use of the term is meant to suggest that a woman is so incredibly talented that her voice in performance approaches the divine.

As we get closer to #1 I would like to add my definition to the above description.
A "diva" to me is a woman performer who takes my mind to a place it can not relax in.

When I'm watching her, I can not focus during the performance, I watch her face, her eyes, her feet,
the instrument she may be playing, the audience reaction, and the music just seems to float by.
And when the performance is over I want a "reply" button, to try to focus on other things I missed the first time around.
We are now in "diva" territory. Enter at your own risk!


She can stand in front of the bandstand of her Ro/Punk band and talk shit to you, then she will sit at the piano, smile and take your heart away! She takes a rhythmic semi punk sound, surrounds herself with wonderful musicians and brings the genre to a universal acceptance.

Yula Beeri,

Yula is so much more than a pianist...leader, singer, composer, writer, actress and creator of all things good.

here is a sample and my favorite:

...maker of Honey at The Hive, promoter of artistic events to improve her community, encouraging peace in life... is a composition that best shows the simplistic charm of Yula...

..just added May 9th, Yula's latest:

                                                        Yula Beeri, #6.

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #7, Champian Fulton

She makes jazz what it is suppose to be, happy, sad, emotional. Jazz at it's best is brain food.
Champian's repertoire is as broad as a Sunrise. She is a walking talking American Songbook.
And her command of the piano is a joy to watch!

I call her the "hardest working woman in showbiz". Seems like every night in New York City she is leaving her jazz mark on Da Apple. Live she is wonderful, so get out and see her!

...have a look: this is my favorite, and she played it for me when I wrote my live review of her at The Garage in NYC.

Here is that review:

...One more classic from Champian, BTW the "young man with the horn" in this one is Steve Fulton, Champian's dad. continue treating your ears, go to and listen to some great "brain food"!

           Champian Fulton #7.

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Top Ten Sexiest Piano Players, #8, Nina Simone

Excelled in every genre of music from Gospel to jazz to her classical roots. Civil Rights activist.
Outspoken, and was not afraid to record songs like, "Mississippi Goddamn" and "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"...Nina Simone.

Nina Simone,

I first saw Nina in 1963 at Basin Street East, NYC. A very small venue, I was about 10 feet from her and the Grand Piano. She was marvelous. Her "command" of the instrument and the audience was unmatched.

have a listen:  this composition of Nina's is what she was all about, making people who were oppressed, feel good about themselves...

Nina stared segregation in the eye, and fought it at every turn, politically and with her music. A giant of a woman, a pioneer and a "door opener" for today's generation....Nina died at her home in France from breast cancer, her ashes are scattered in Africa. is some vintage Nina:

                                                         ...the incomparable Nina Simone #8.   

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Answer #5, Ten more to go...

This weeks $15 ITunes gift card goes to RW, from NYC. This was the question I selected to be this week's winner! I have 10 more to give away, one a week for the next 10 weeks.

Q; In your review of Abby Ahmad you said her song "Landing Gear" ranks with Dylan's classic "The Times They Are A-changin" and Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" did you really mean that? Or were you just blowing smoke?

My answer:  First of all RW, the cigarettes I have smoked in my life were the ones you want to keep the smoke in!  
Second of all, take a good look at my blog. There are NO paid ads, no pop ups selling shit. My point is best described by the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn..."I sezz what I means, and I means what I sezz!"

There is no bigger Dylan fan then yours truly. His words are poetry of the highest form, and McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" is a masterpiece....and both fit the times they were released, with a political savvy and insight.

Abby Ahmad has done that with "Landing Gear". The difference is Abby is living in a time when the masses are slow to catch on, because they are politically ignorant. If you read the lyrics to "Landing Gear" it's as if you are watching a news report from this afternoon, or any afternoon of this decade. I truly think the tune ranks with Dylan and McGuire's takes on our society!

here's Abby:

Abby Ahmad,

here's the review:

RW...thanks for the great question!!
send questions to me,
I'll pick one on Friday every week the next 10 weeks!!

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Top Ten, Sexiest Piano Players, #9...Kalen

Once you have seen Kalen, as she put it "in the flesh and blood" you will understand why she is on this list!

Kalen is a New York based singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer. Originally from New Hampshire and an Ivy League graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, she brings her Northeastern intellectual poetic lyrics, detailed grooves and sense of jazz harmony to her urban landscape in her music.

Kalen:  The band is known as Kalen and the A-Listers... addition to Kalen's, skills on the keys and vocals she has composed two of the best tunes I have heard in a while with her "Rabid Girl" & "Golden Door"...both available, at Kalen's site!

have one more look, and then GET OUT and see her !!

That's Kalen #9.

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Greta Panettieri, at Umbria Jazz Festival dear friend Greta Panettieri, returned home to Umbria with her band Greta's Bakery, to be part of the annual festival...I asked her to give me her feeling, about being back home, she is from Umbria.

It was so good to "hear" the positive words she sent to me and I can tell she is happy!
....I will add nothing to them, except some wonderful photos!  Here is Greta, uncensored!!



My Dear Pete, first of all we want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Somehow I have a feeling about 2012, on the contrary of what the most catastrophic theories say I think is going to be a great one!!!

Secondly thanks for giving me the chance to express myself again on your blog, I hope we'll keep doing this forever, wouldn't it be fun to be writing on your blog in  20 years from now? maybe I will be in a Democratic China and you in a Bank free America ;)

Anyway yes I was very exited about Umbria Jazz! You might know that I grew up in Umbria and when I was really just a baby my parents took me to see Miles Davis at Umbria Jazz, since than every year you would enjoy the best jazz musician on the summer stages, Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus, Ornette Coleman ,Herbie Hanckok and the list goes on and on….
So to be part of this event is really a dream come true!
The audience was just amazing , consider that we were the only new 'young' act and the least known ,everybody else had some kind of Italian history if not a huge international name like Michel Camilo or Gonzalo Rubalcaba.Our shows took place in 2 locations 4 were in a pretty big hall called Sala Expo' of 'Palazzo del Popolo around 150 seats( maybe more maybe less…) in a huge castle from the 13th Century.
Our first gig was on a Thursday afternoon and to my surprise the hall was quiet full,nice educated audience they would clap after solos etc..well from there we went to an enthusiastic huge crowd
Before the show on Jan 1° the door man came to me and asked me: hey G are u done with your sound check I need to open the doors cause the line outside gets to the next square…
The place was packed there were no more standing places :)
HAPPY GRETA!  result: we played our ( can I say ass off )….
People didn't know us because the record didn't come out here ,same old UMG issues that nobody can really understand…but they started talking about this girl that is Italian but lived in the states etc etc so they were curious and of course to be on the festival's calendar does the rest.
To be part of the staff was also an amazing experience , we would all eat in the same place lunch and dinner ,we had a second floor of a restaurant reserved  with a really amazing catering and artists sound men, managers the entire festival staff would eat there so it was like going to summer camp with Mr. Camilo or Rubalcaba and of course some great old friends, really a great atmosphere.I can tell you again that you would have loved it.
I can say that it's been maybe the best experience we had in a while. Having the chance to play everyday was the key, we grew musically and on stage ,we grew together with the event and felt part of a fantastic music family.
I came back home happy, full of hope and with the feeling that after all,maybe, we are going to make it, and that we are not totally crazy to keep going…


Greta Panettieri, the voice of an Angel, beautiful and one of the nicest people on the Planet!!

...and yes Greta, I told you a long time ago, "you have a friend for life, whether you like it or not!"

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Rosita Kess, CD, "Nothern Sky"

"Northern Sky" could be the most eclectic CD I have heard is a while. It's a wonderful mix of jazz, pop, one tune that says "country" a taste of a French Cafe, and some good old New Orleans,
Trombone leadin' the pack, home spun fun.

...all beautifully done by Rosita Kess!   
    The diversity of the album just reflects the background of the artist. Born in Venice, Italy, spending time in Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London and New York City and now in New Orleans, a more complete exposure to music would be hard to find.


The opening cut is "The Blind Painter" it grabbed me from the jump. A stone cold lover of  AfroJazz...
...this one hit home with me....terrific rhythm, and percussion and add to that the lyrics that tell the story of a fading love affair, and you have winner #1.

"Tell Me" is a tune that is a blues and I mean some solid, bass leadin melodic line blues, that is just down to where the blues need to be. ..."so tell me baby do you think about me...there's a big blue ocean, in between...and the Moon is wild just like it use to tell me baby do you think about me?"
...a standout tune!!

Then on cut four we visit a small Bistro in Paris, well at least that's what this tune makes you feel. I was waiting for "The Little Sparrow" to enter. The tune is "Leaving Alone"...hard for me to describe this one...A "Piaf like" beautifully done original.  A tune and lyrics that do total justice to the genre!!
I hit replay on this one a few times.

"Waiting For The Show" filled with the Barcelona rhythm and I don't know Rosita that well, but I suspect a bit of a self portrait. This poetic lyric set to a Latin rhythm seems to have a bit of personal experience attached.
"you look in her eyes and only see, the lover you imagine her to be...but she don't wanna see the light...
she just wants to feel the night...and you know.....she's getting ready for the show!

"Where Should I Go" as country as you can get and Rosita delivers it right on the mark again! The twangin' guitar, the sad but sassy delivery by Rosita, delivered a total surprise to me...a very solid "Country" number....and again done with respect for the genre, it could stand the scrutiny of a country critic.

...every tune on this album deserves a paragraph of it's own, 12 originals, all top shelf!
...Thanks to the "Italian connection" for putting me in touch with Rosita!

Rosita Kess, has range and versatility at her command, what a beautiful music experience this CD is!

I urge you to get a copy:

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Answer #3 of 15...12 more to go...

JJ, from the garden spot of the world, Brooklyn USA, wins this week's $15 gift card from ITunes.

The Question; "Of all the live performances you have seen from the artists you write about, which did you enjoy the most?"

Well, I almost threw this question out, because I did not want to single out one artists and risk making others seem slighted, because I have seen some awesome gigs from these remarkable performers.
But then I remembered I said I would answers and be totally honest. Soooooo...
Last Spring I went to Caffe Vivaldi to see Clara Lofaro.

It was a 6 PM gig, the first of the night, and usually the crowd is small. But, the joint was full. Vivaldi seats about 30 people and it was full, full with women, a large group, some kind of event or office party, birthday party something.

I chatted with Clara then she went on, a duo, her and a bass player. She squeezed her petite self behind the Concert Grand Piano they have there, and I thought...this is gonna be a tough gig!!

Thirty or so women chatting, eating, the Vino was flowing, and I though they would be lost in their event and ignore the music.

About halfway through the second number, the audience was lost,
they were lost in the mastery of that Grand Piano, and the captivating lyrics of Clara's compositions, they were completely focused on her.

She then came out from behind the piano and did an Acapella number "Trouble", I though well she will lose them now...NOT.
They seems to love her more and participated in the number.

By the end of the set when Clara finished with "Daddy's Song" I was holding back tears and you could hear a pin drop in that room, that just a short while ago was an arcade of chatter and glasses clanging.

I still remember that night, and think I will always remember it, and Clara, just taking all the people in that room on a wonderful musical ride to peace and love!!

Clara Lofaro

So there it is JJ, last Spring, Caffe Vivaldi, NYC......Clara Lofaro!

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I pick a new Q: every Friday....12 more $15 gift cards to go, one a week!!

Here is "Daddy's Song"...

Clara will be at: Vivaldi again Feb 2d, Jones and Bleeker Streets, NYC


Top Ten, Sexiest Piano Players, by Pete Carma #10, Lynne Arriale.

Here we go, Top Ten Sexiest Piano I see them!

Lynne Arriale
 Since this is the first of the series let me define "sexy"
of course the attraction part of sexy applies, but the composition and presentation weigh in too, as equal parts.

Through the years I have seen many, I have chosen the ones who made me think and have shot a bullet or two through my heart!

Lynne Arriale, is a Gemini like me, perhaps the attraction? Born in Milwaukee, graduate of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and is now the Professor of Jazz Piano at U. of North Florida.

To say Lynne plays with emotion, is a redundancy, once you see her for an instant your emotions are stirred.
I love her rendition of "Blackbird", she takes a progressive approach and lends it to a feminine interpretation, that makes me wonder how it feels to be that into a performance.'s 'Blackbird'

As I see it jazz needs more Lynne's. She puts class and a loving touch on the music ahead of complicating it to the point where the artist loses me. Heart in jazz, something to behold!

"Frevo", is a piece where Lynne steps out. Her expression and dexterity dominate this wonderful chart.'s "Frevo"...

I first saw Lynne live a year ago, and make it a point to catch her whenever she is close.

Lynne Arriale will be at:  Des Moines, Iowa, Feb 3d.
       ...and at the fabulous Half Moon Bay, Ca. March 11 & 12th.

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