StreetcredMusic: Pianowomen From Outer Space. Cezara, Aziza.

They must be from Outer Space. Every once in a while I have to back myself up for all the times I write 'amazing women' on my social media, so this is one of those pieces.

....from Romania: Cezara Lucia Vladescu 'Song For Dodo'

When I listen to either of these marvelous pianists, composers, musicians play, I listen over and over again. The music only sets in after several times. The visual, their stage presence and their hands capture me and the music passes like a cloud to be inhaled and enjoyed later.

  .....from Baku, Azerbaijan:  Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Ladies Of Azerbaijan

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StreetcredMusic: October Songstress Fest, Three Videos.

Enjoy some of the best "Women in Music"
    ...Streetcred's October Songstress Fest.
       ....Enjoy, sip some of your favorite beverage!

        Cezara Lucia Vladescu
            .... HER VIDEO: 'Alice, Alice'

Cezara Lucia Vladescu

If you like Halloween and scary stuff......her talent will scare you for sure!!
   ...the amazing, Jade Simmons
                     ...Her Video: 'Improvising' 
Jade Simmons

...and finally the 'Little Sparrow' who, does not regret anything! Do you?
    ....Edith Piaf

         ...Her Video: 'Non, je ne regrette rien'

Edith Piaf

      ....Have a very gentle Fall!

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