Film Clip, Clara Lofaro and Craig Wilson, 'StreetcredMusic' The Documentary, at Caffe Vivaldi

.........Craig Wilson and Clara Lofaro, from the documentary film                'StreetcredMusic'

 Clara Lofaro    Craig Wilson      
 Clara will be collaborating with Craig writing a song, for this film....

  Craig was performing at Caffe Vivaldi, Clara joined in!!

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Ishrat Ansari, Owner, Caffe Vivaldi, Indie Artists...

Proprietor Ishrat Ansari of Caffe Vivaldi speaks about keeping his club in the tradition of Greenwich Village, no cover, and a place where Independent Artists can flourish!

Ishrat was kind enough to let us film a segment of 'Streetcredmusic' there on April 29th, which featured 13 Indie Artists from New York City!

               Caffe Vivaldi:   
                            Support Vivaldi, he supports all Indie Artists!

                                                     Thank You, Ishrat!

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists, #9, Eleanor Dubinsky

...subtle sensuality in her music and her soul, Eleanor Dubinsky #9.

Eleanor Dubinsky

 Creativity can be sexy. Eleanor's compositions contain an underlying rhythm of love and a mystique,
of an almost surpressed sensuality, which I find sexy.


Eleanor Dubinsky
   The NYC-based chanteuse speaks French, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese and Italian, but her most fluent communication skills are through music.

                                                    #9 Eleanor Dubinsky...enjoy...

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Thank You, Ladies of 'Streetcredmusic' the film!

We are not done yet, but I want to thank all three ladies who are featured in 'StreetcreMusic' the doc film..
Giovanna Moretti,
Gio Moretti who gave me the most wonderful footage, at 4 different locations, and a live show all in a single day, and it all looks spectacular!!
Clara Lofaro, who let us in to her songwriting world, and gave us a live show with another to go, and without whom, I would not have attempted this project!!  She is off to Europe soon to make them SMILE!

...and then there is Yuli Yael Beeri Yula, who you will see as I wanted you to see her. As an artists, a creator and a leader, who makes all around her better! Yula has quite an event up her sleeve! And I can tell you she is exhausting herself daily to make it work!!
 Thanks to you all ladies...XO!
The best part is we have other projects planned that are in progress as this movie is being made....
...and we will work together again!! 

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Top Ten Sexiest Guitarists #10, Ivete Sangalo

...once again here are the rules to be considered for my Top Ten...
 1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence. 

Number 10: Ivete Sangalo...not known as a guitar player, and perhaps the most popular unknown artist on the American standards...and we share the same birthday May 27th..Gemini! 

Ivete Sangalo

Ivete has sold over 13 million albums world wide and performed before more than 5 million people at her live concerts.
Any list I make of 'sexy' anything that she does will include her. Sexy with a wholesome class and respect for her audience is her forte.

Once you have seen her audience react to her, you understand her popularity.


I saw her at Madison Square Garden, 2010 for the first and only time live. I went back stage with a group of 'pool' reporters where we had access to her for a few minutes. She stole many hearts at that press conference, including mine.

This lady has over 120 million hits on Youtube...Enjoy! #10
A video of Ivete

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'StreetcredMusic' film clip...Nicole Zuraitis

Indie Artist, Nicole Zuraitis, singing her composition, 'Try Love'
.....for 'StreetcredMusic' a documentary film, April 29th 2012.

'LIKE' Nicole...

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More Photos 'StreetcredMusic' Movie Shoot, New York City much love and emotion and music, jammed into a five day trip to New York City. are some new pics and a few brief comments...

 ...after a long emotional day of filming, we all headed to The Bowery Ballroom, to see Yulix &XFM.

...Hydra....joined XFM and the music was pure LOVE!

Alexandre Prol, Craig Wilson
after all that we headed to the financial district for an 'after party', now we are all pretty 'loose'...

Dir. Tami Meir, Kathleen, Clo, Camera- Peter Steusloff

CLo, hostess Kathleen, and songstress Kerri Leigh, at the party...

hangin, jammin

Sunday night after all the madness, I stopped to see one of my favorite musicians in the world, the FAB...Champian Fulton

Tuesday nite, Sarah McClennan, back from Australia!

....then a familiar face stopped in to a fanfare...
...on Wednesday, clara lofaro had the Canal Room jumping!
Kathleen, claims to be CLo's biggest fan-NOT, I am!
'Her Hottness' CLo

overall a great week, wonderful people, became closer, the family got a test, and survived!!
My heart goes to all of them!!

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StreetcredMusic, 'The Underdogs' filmimg in New York City

The week of June ninth we shot some 'lively' footage. We captured the wonderful Yulix &XFM at The Bowery Ballroom, and we filmed at the residents of Lindstrom and Fogel. It was there that we
may have given our film the 'conflict' that all good films have.

Anyway here are the great stills I have to show you, look closely and you will be able to feel the love.

 ...nothing in this film is scripted, nothing. Here me and Bekka decided to use 'method' acting. 
...the method was, let's just sit down and start talking!

...the stress of working with me got to her, she needed a break!

...then we got back to work!
...Then as the sun was setting, an Angel of song (Giovanna Moretti) showed up!
...little did I know, this night was to be filled with Angels.

...suddenly...Angels were everywhere!
...some carried instruments of love!
 ...they brought divine friends with them...
....this photo contains a producer, a director, actresses of stage and motion pictures, an art designer, graphic artists, singers, musicians, and writers of plays and music, A Grammy nominee, a Toronto music award winner, and the stars of a musical, Mom's, NYC Fringe Award winner for musical the night played out I felt Angels..

Surrounded I tell you!

Then, the Angel of all Angels, Angel Sarah appeared...creator of all to create... 

we spoke of love, and who we love...

soon, perhaps this fall, I will finally get to have this Angel in one of my projects...

'larger than life' Tony Papa             

this guy is no Angel, just a life long friend, who always makes my NYC trips, memorable!!


Adam Minkoff's BD Party, at Rockwood Music Hall, Photos.

no need for me to post names, if you were there you know everyone of these fabulous musicians..
from all over America, who have come to New York as Independents....

It truly was one of the best events I've seen, 40 musicians wall to wall at Rockwood, Stage 1...
so you know it was something!!

Adam turned 29....they did 25 of his favorite songs, nonstop...and all gathered on stage for "We Are The World" it was a memory for a life time! Can you picture all on Rockwood Stage 1?  it was a confetti of talented artists...

Abby Ahmad...didn't know she could 'Rock' the way she did...awesome!

....remember this is Stage 1...the small room...

Then the cake...a Bill Cosby cake??
Happy Birthday to you....

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New York City vs Me's been a fight to the life!    me against my addiction, Da  Apple.

I landed Saturday at 1 PM, have had a total of 15 hours sleep...that's the bad part, or, maybe not...

Shot some footage for "StreetcredMusic" the film...saw Yulix &XFM, Champian Fulton, and Sarah McLennan, all were excellent!!  We filmed 'Yulix's' blow out show...and I got to see every frame of footage we have shot so far...

tonight is CLo's turn...Clara Lofaro will be at the Canal Room!!
9 PM..
I have photos of everything....they are coming, with some stories.. later in the week!!


Top Ten Sexiest Guitar Players, Rules... are the rules for the Top Ten Sexiest Guitar Players...
1. I must have reviewed you and seen you live...2. You must be sexy (to me), and of course 3. You have to jamm and have a powerful stage presence.

 ...any of the Mom's make it??  Yep!

I have the list down to the final ten now...#10 coming when I get back from NYC!!!

Stay tuned!!

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Saturday Night June 9th..Yulix &XFM-Bowery Ballroom

I'm off to New York City to see two wonderful shows, and continue filming 'StreetcredMusic' the documentary!

Saturday night:  Yulix and the XFM, at the Bowery Ballroom!

...then Wednesday June 13th.....  
 ...Clara The Canal Room!!

Come out NYC! Support! Indie Artists!!  we will all be there!!!  support!!

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Sunday With Fairuza OR..Things to do when you are not dead!

Here is what the enchanting, Fairuza Balk had to say, on Sunday.

I decided to use a Jeopardy format for this feature...

 Hello world, having a nice Sunday I hope? just wanted to say thank you again to all the people showing me such an abundance of love. I raise my cup of tea to you all and wish you a most brilliantly wonderful day.

 Cruising , sunny day, blasting Joan Jet's version of " I Love Rock 'n Roll " on the radio.

 I've been working to develop my own scented candle line, It's been a riot but hard work also. I'm too much of a perfectionista at times me thinks.
Making it 100% organic and environmentally friendly while being gorgeous and top of the line is my goal.
 It's none of your business what other people think of you or say about you. It has no real bearing in the reality of your life.

Fairuza Balk
 Love, persevere , stay strong inside, believe in the magic of your dreams and damned be the naysayers!!!!
 Be yourself and don't be afraid. Fear kills all that is good and bright inside of us. If they don't get you- screw them! ( pardon my French )

I'm hoping to get my work done but also get to a beach at some point it has been WAY too long since I've had the time to absolutely dive into a painting and I miss it.

 My earlier comment about finding inner peace is my own opinion. Life is one crazy roller coaster . You work and sacrifice and strive so hard ..To achieve your goals but in the end if you can't be at peace with yourself then none of it matters.

 The media would have us all believe that if only we were rich we'd be happy or if only we had this or that but that's a trick, it's NOT real's hard not to fall into that way of thinking but some of the happiest people I know have very little in terms of money or possessions I've had and lost and had again and lost again and this is a part of what I've learned and I was sharing that thought with you...
 If you have inner peace in your heart and mind then you have everything, you have it all. You are the wealthiest person in the world.

...but music, sorry Pete, we were suppose to talk music...your too kind.

I have looked at your blog and I must say it is really wonderful what you are doing for the people you write about. Your encouragement, and support is hard to find in the industry, when I was laying the ground work for my single. I got so much of "you can't do this, you can't do that." I should have called you!! 


 CU soon..thank you Pete for finding me, and don't worry about things to do when you are dead!! XO!

No, no, no, my get my never ending thanks!!!   xxoo!!

 So that's it...we both thought it would be cool to let you fill in the questions!!
...there will be more coming when we meet in NYC!!!

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