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Our One Year Anniversary, 'StreetcredMusic' the film!

Our 1 Year Anniversary! we started April 27th, 2012...
.....here are some clips. 'out takes' if you will, enjoy!!

StreetcredMusic, the Documentary Film:

Craig Wilson and Clara Lofaro...
 ...at Caffe Vivaldi, April 29th, 2012.

Performance at Bowery Ballroom, June 6th, 2012

Yulix &XFM...Enjoy the video here!

Greta Panettieri, returned to NYC, to reunite for a 'Brazilian Night'

Enjoy: Greta at Zinc Bar

some new music was written::


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Part III, The One Year Anniversary of StreetcredMusic, My Doc Film, My Thoughts

In two days, it will be a year from our first shoot. If you had told me that my girl, my BFF, the woman who inspired me to become a nonprofit supporter of Indie Artists, the woman who I truly believe is the best I have ever heard, the 'Diva', Gretatze, the one an only, Greta Panettieri would be available to work with me on the movie, I could not have imagined how that could happen.
(she now lives in Italy)

But as I said in the previous piece, every time something got in our path we came upon a better opportunity, and spun it into gold.

The 'best' Greta Panettieri
The next article I write on this, will explain all about how Gio Moretti, is out and Greta agreed to join us. But a quick word on that: when I told Gio she was no longer a part of the film, Greta was in the air from Italy. We were going to shoot a 1/2 hour special on her alone. So I wondered if she would mind joining  Yula and Clara as the third star of my film.

If she had said no I want my own film, that's what I would have done. But with a smile as only she can present, she said without hesitation, "of course, Pete, I want to be with the other girls, a film about me would be boring."

It would not... but keep in mind, Greta did not know or had ever met Yula and Clara, so I was over joyed by her answer. And now, they are all sisters!!  I love it.


With Greta landing at JFK, Gio having just been cut, hours before, my week in New York City last September was off and running.

Greta agreed to let us put a camera in her face from the minute she came through customs, and we were there. Thanks again for that Greta, I know that was not easy, especially since they sent you through the 'terrorist' line. ah hahaha.

Then she went to the apartment she was staying , me and the camera crew, went for a cocktail, 1/2 hour later we were on the sidewalks of the East Village, shooting again!  xoxo

There she is just through the gate. I told the camera crew, when you see a smile from ear to ear, THAT'S HER!

Greta is a combination of things, well, I told someone once that if I had to run through a mine field, I would want to be arm and arm with Greta. Why?

Greta is intelligent, savvy, politically wise (you will see all this on film) she has sacrificed at times, everything to get to NYC and start a life of song. Don't mention career to her, she has a life of music, never thinks in terms of a career, rather a way of life. (you'll see that in the film too) Greta is a 'what you see is what you get' person, realistic, and has a confidence about her, that is catching. That's why...and if we did step on a mine, I know we would die laughing. I have never known anyone who can make me laugh so much, intelligent laughter!

...and thank you Diva, for flying in and making all of us smile and feel like a famiglia again!

A Kilkenny Cat, Greta, Yuli
As we walked around New York City, we could not walk a block without running into someone who knew Greta, it was amazing, and in the clubs, everyone knew her and was hugging her and so glad to see her. On her return to NYC, her gig at the Zinc Bar?? It was packed, people came from Connecticut, Long Island and New Jersey to hear her. What a great loving night it was...

So my 'Diva' ~no words are adequate here, but just think of that little Rabbit who pulls the covers over him or her every night, and you know how I feel!!!
Well on second thought maybe there is a word: Triciclo!

CU soooooon. xoxo

here's a clip from the movie:: Greta returns to NYC 2012, Zinc Bar

movie page: 'StreetcredMusic'

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Moon Fool at The Hive

Moon Fool...(Anna -Helena McLean) will be performing at The Hive ~Friday and Saturday April 26th and 27th. A treat for you New York City.

I was at 'Titania', Moon Fool's one woman show last week in Chicago. It was wonderful. From the minute she walked through the audience in darkness spreading love and handing flowers to people to get things started, to her mastery of the cello, her amazing passages from Shakespeare, her ability to make you think, smile and just totally enjoy her and her many talents. 

When I left the show last week it was as if I had seen a full scale ensemble, with many actors, an orchestra and special effects, in reality it was one woman making all that happen. Amazing!

From her passages from the Bard, her music, her charm, and her ability to improvise with audience members, all from one woman, one piece of wardrobe, a cello and some wine, candles and flowers, again I say WONDERFUL!

 Moon Fool has gone coast to coast in the US, California, Chicago, now finishing in New York City.
Her home is the United Kingdom.

This weekend's show at The Hive, will also include, one of my favorite groups, Hydra.

New York City, you only get one chance this year, Moon Fool and Hydra, get out support!

contact The Hive  to attend.

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Part II, The One Year Anniversary of StreetcredMusic, My Doc Film, My Thoughts.

After the second round of shooting in June, the film took on a new aurora. I have now the cast I wanted from the jump, well remember, I said I wanted to have four women featured in the film.
The original four I wanted were, Clara Lofaro, Yula Beeri, Greta Panettieri and Gio Moretti.

(this was taken, just after Yula stepped off stage after her awesome gig at the Bowery Ballroom!
......someone yelled, OK 'serious'....photo! I think it worked.)


At the time I first had the idea for this film, Yula was not available, Greta was 4,000 miles away, so I reached out to two others, who I flew to New York City to meet with, got them together, explained everything, and they agreed, that was Sunday. By Tuesday they had removed themselves.

So as I was bugging Gio and Clara with my frustration over this...and I thank them both for putting up with all that. Gio was cool about it, she gave me her support, Clara kicked me in the ass and said "get rid of all the drama, Pete, I'm tired of it".

 ...Then as all things have gone with this project, we fell but we landed on our feet, everything that has seemed to be a setback with this film has turned out to be golden. I got a call from Yuli.

Yula gettin ready to do a few tunes for the film at Caffe Vivaldi.

Yuli said, Pete, I'm launching music on four fronts now, and I have to run The Hive what do you want from me in this movie project?

After I got up off the floor, threw some water in my face, and composed myself (because I was thinking for a few days the movie might be DOA) we talked and she agreed to be in. She said Pete, you are like me you work from the heart, I'm with you 1000% on this!

There it was, Gio, Clara, Yuli, this was two weeks after the other two artists backed out, after just two days, and I still don't know why? ..... I was sky high!!

Then my work began. For openers, these three fabulous women had never met, they were strangers and they all wanted to 'check out' the music of the others, well I must say Gio never verbalized that, but Clara and Yuli did, they wanted to know who they were working with and what their music was like. I took that as a great sign.

This photo was on my last trip to NYC, (Jan 2013) and we were discussing one of the problems I had, explaining to Clara and Gio who Yuli was, what she did?? When she came on board.

I knew I could not make people understand what Yuli did, either in real life OR on stage. So I did my best, but I knew the only way anyone could get a grip on all the love that Yuli spreads and lives 24/7, they would have to meet her and get to know her, and visit The Hive.

You see that photo above...that's the outcome...a family!

I know I said there would be no movie without Clara Lofaro, and she was my 'go to girl', in part 1. Well Yuli is my 'closer'. I have not filmed any one on one with her yet, that's coming. But she has filmed hours of footage on her own, at the Hive, including her project 'Yulix, The Opera' for the movie at no cost to the project.

She is the closer because I know, between me and her (like 99.9%) her, we will put some amazing finishing touches on this film.

Yuli is the busiest woman on Earth, she makes Hilary Clinton seem like a 'slacker'. She is the most dedicated woman I have ever met. Her dedication is to all the Bees around her at the Hive. She has the survival of that community on her mind, ALWAYS! 

She told me when we first met all she wants to do is spread love, and she has been successful for a quarter of a century so far. I 'love' her.

Now that you know all that, let me show you a photo she posted last week....and you will see what I go through when people say "tell me about this Yula chick"...

Yuli I'll CU soon>>>>>>

(man I hope that all makes some sense) When I write about these women, I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of affection.

Here is SOME of the shit Yuli has going!!!

THE HIVE          Kiss Slash Crooked Smile        Yula &the XFM       "HYDRA"

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Part I: The One Year Anniversary of 'StreetcredMusic' My Doc Film, My Thoughts.

I started this blog three and a half years ago as a result of a review I wrote on the night I met Greta Panettieri.
I got hooked. I continued after that meeting, and started to contact 'Indie Artists' all over New York City. I found the women easier to deal with and of course, much more enjoyable, so most of the artists I write of are women.

So naturally, for me, someone with absolutely no formal education, no experience in performing or film...decided after a year or so of being exposed to the life of an Indie woman artists in New York City, to make a documentary film?

How better to get their story out. Sure I was helping them with positive reviews, publicity and support, but a film...how cool!

My 'go to' girl, Clara Lofaro
I originally wanted four women in the film, but after talking to people in the know, they advised two or three, I went with three.

I really wanted Greta in, but she had moved back to Italy, and I didn't think it was possible at that time. So I had planned to do a 'prequel', and do a film on just Greta after this film set a tone.

Knowing nothing, I did know that I needed someone on this project with me that would not only be a star in the film, but a person who I could 'go to' on all issues, and would give me her advice, opinion, and true feeling of what we were doing, straight from the gut.

That person, held the future of this movie in her hands, Clara Lofaro. I asked her first if she would be part of it, if she had said no, there would be no film. Lucky for us all, she came along with me, on this fly by the seat of our pants effort.

Another important decision I made was to have Clara be the subject of all the shooting on day one.
BTW~this week is that one year anniversary, April 27th.

this was taken in the first moments of the film.
Clara is a perfectionist when it comes to her work, and it shows, everything she does is 'top shelf'.

I kept calling her prior to day one shooting. I wanted to make sure she was all in with this. She told me she was a bit nervous about it. Especially since I told her there would be no rehearsing and no script. But we both came to the same conclusion: we were friends, and based on that and how our meetings and conversations went in the past we trusted our friendship and just let it rip.

You will see in the film how this woman lights up the screen, and displays her talent, her writing ability, her personality, and her 'lust' to get her music out.

Sometimes now I look at the footage and I say; 'holy shit' this went better than I imagined. I listen to the answers she gave me to questions she had no Idea I would ask, and I say wheeeew, we fuckin did it.

That's why I wanted to shoot her first, if it fell apart with my CLo, there would be no day two.

So I just want to take this public forum to, as I have done many times in private to say:
'Clara you are the bestest...and thank you for literally sticking your neck out with me', on this project that has turned us into a family.   xo

Clara has some events coming up, she will be collaborating on an album with 'American Idol' finalist Erika Van Pelt ....BTW, 'Hurricane' the tune CLo wrote for the Doc film will be featured on that album, how cool is that??
here's the info on all that...'Idol Album'

Clo will be releasing her latest: 'Born To Love You' as a single and video at Rockwood Music Hall on May 13th....here it is 'B2LoveU'

On a freezing NYC night, shooting one amazing piece of film.

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The film: 'HERE'


StreetcredMusic Doc Film, Our Anniversary. The Second Film Shoot in June 2012.

...we resumed shooting my documentary film, June 9th, 2012.
Our first stop that day was the 'Mortuary'!!!  Actually, Bekka and Donna Jean invited us to their fantastic apartment in Chelsea, a building that was formally a mortuary, but now is a spectacular complex of apartments with roof space to relax and enjoy, and we did!

Bekka Lindstrom, showed us her hang out~~

June 9th, 2012...

.......those are not paper cups, and it's not coffee!

......one of the funniest moments of the film...you'll see!


Then we went to the Bowery Ballroom, to see Yula &The XFM

.........Then when    Sarah Zar   showed up, I knew I was in the same room with five of the most talented women in New York City!

..............remember it was getting late, but we had one more stop to make!!!
.........................an after party......more next time!!!!

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Let me introduce you to: Kara Ali.

I was looking through the independent music venues of New York City the other day to try and find some young artists to go and see when I'm in the city in two weeks.

I found a great young singer/songwriter, Kara Ali.

Kara Ali  

I asked her to introduce herself to you:

"My name is Kara Ali and I am a singer, songwriter and musician originally from New Jersey.  My music has been described as a fusion of R&B, Acoustic Soul and Rock, and I'm so happy to be finding my voice here in New York.

I owe so much of my ability to make music to my amazingly supportive family and friends, and to both the great times together and the solitude that they have allowed me to experience throughout my life, as I continue to tell stories through song and connect with others in the best way that I know.  Music is really everything to me and it is my sincerest hope that I can be a part of causing people to feel.  I look forward to meeting and connecting with you."

Lister to Kara; HERE

Kara, will be at Caffe Vivaldi on Friday, May 10th!!

 follow Kara; HERE

I spoke to Kara today and I can't wait to see her, at Caffe Vivaldi, on May 10th.
I have met so many young performers at Vivaldi, shot several scenes from my movie there, so a big thanks to Ishrat Ansari the proprietor.  

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StreetcredMusic, Doc Film, Our Anniversary...Photos!

Just some photos from all the fun we had...ENJOY!

Stefan Zeniuk & Yuli ~ Bowery Ballroom Show

Clara just realized she was riding in an elevator that carried dead bodies for 50 years.
                                     That's me, Gio, Bekka and Donna Jean

This was a bonding night, some people met people and friendships were born.
                                ~~~~~~~~~But that's what The Hive is all about!!

           Greta introduced me to  Mike Savino  who helped her when she first came to NYC!
                                            He was playing at Joe's Pub.

           These Angels met for the first time, at The Hive, Greta and Chen Prat, voices extraordinaire!

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'StreetcredMusic' The Doc Film, One Year Anniversary, Day II Filming.

 The 'making of' our Doc film, 'StreetcredMusic'....our anniversary! This was day two of shooting.

The second day of filming was a long one. And Gio Moretti gave us all she had and it was special, some of the best footage I have ever seen. She is one talented lady!

Gio Moretti, Music

Guitar, piano, percussion, Oboe, vocals, composer, Gio does it all!!


Eight hours later Gio did a full 45 minute show.....

Also: Alex Nolan, guitar...Amanda Russa, base...Kayce MeGehee, piano...

                                                           Thanks, 'Gio'

Movie page: 'StreetcredMusic' the film

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Clara Lofaro 'Born To Love You' ~Exclusive~

'Born To Love You' the latest composition from singer/songwriter Clara Lofaro will be released as a single with a great new music video on May 13th, at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC~~Come join us for that release..

But..for now StreetcredMusic has been given permission by Clara to show you her only live performance that was put on video of 'Born To Love You'.

'Born To Love You"

         Thanks CLo...CU May 13th!!

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video: Peter Steusloff


StreetcredMusic, Doc Film, One Year Anniversary, Clara Lofaro.

On April 27th, 2012 we started our labor of love project, 'StreetcredMusic' the doc film.
Coming up on a year now, I look back and I am truly amazed at the fun we had and the friendships that developed. We have only had six film shoots because all involved have other things going on and for all of us to be together, it involves over six thousand miles of travel.

So I though with our anniversary coming up...I would turn loose some footage, and perhaps I can pass on the love.

This is of course Clara Lofaro    ~as I say in the film~~without her there is no film!
She was everything I wanted in this documentary, talented, creative, amazing beauty on the screen, intellectual, especially about the state of the music business now, and most of all she is someone I knew would keep me in line. (haha) But really, I trust her to be my 'consilieri'. My go to person for advice and to help this project 'look like something'. And Oh yea she has a story to tell.

Clara wrote a song in the movie, for the movie. As I write this she is preparing it to be released as a single. Also American Idol Finalist, Erika Van Pelt is recording it and several others written by Clara on her soon to be released CD!!...'Hurricane' is the song.

I wanted a piece of film to show the very first minutes we shot a year ago, and Clara as the person I know her to be, caring, giving, and inspiring, and to show her amazing screen presents...I think this one covers all of the above. (and again, NOTHING in this film is scripted or rehearsed) We turned on the camera and we were just ourselves!

So there you go, the first of a series of pieces about our movie!!  Hope we can shoot some arrows of love at you!!

Here's the info on the Clara, Erika Van Pelt Collaboration.

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Here is the movie page: Streetcred doc film

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She Said ~ She Said, Lara Bello vs Lara Fabian, Tearing Your Heart Out With Song

They sing in 8 or 9 different languages. Their talent and beauty goes beyond the norm.
They are both charming, and love life. They have several things in common including the name.

The one thing that's sets them apart from other vocalists are their interpretations. That is what this piece is all about. Delivering a song with not only their voice, but the heart, the brain and all the emotion it deserves. As Lara Fabian says in her intro..."language will not limit an emotion"

Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian: VIDEO: Je Suis Malade


 Lara Bello....Emotion..
Lara Bello

Lara Bello: 'Ne Me Quitte Pas'

WOW, two marvelous women!!

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She Said~She Said, East Meets West, Yula Beeri vs Cezara Lucia Vladescu

No 'Iron Curtain' no 'Berlin Wall' no Internet censorship, will stop two women!!
Me? I'm just in love with both of them!
Here they are, music, creativity, and they are two of the most unique people I have ever known!!!

EAST: Cezara Lucia Vladescu; (Romania)

      her philosophy, her compositions are totally brain food!! Enjoy!

"I had a dream. That we were right for each other" 
" The missing link between Classic and Jazz....is me"

                     Cezara Lucia Vladescu
Her Music; Listen Here


WEST: Yula Berri (Yulix)...NYC by way of Tel -Aviv.

      someone I learn from every time I'm with her...

"I am ever morphing" 
"All I want to do is spread LOVE" 

Yula Beeri
Her Music: Don't really know which genre of the four she excels in that I should show here??

Let's do some 'Ro/Punk'   (romantic punk, that she invented)
Listen here:
     Yula &the eXtended Family

That's it two women....two million more like them, and the world is a better place!!!

Ladies xoxo. 

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Happy Birthday, Greta Panettieri

'The Diva', Greta Panettieri has a birthday April 7th. At a loss for words here. I won't go into how this blog got started, I've done that before, but it was because of Greta.

When I met her in New York City, it seemed like just minutes and she was moving back to Italy, actually it was months. I never imagined three years later we would be making a movie together, and have become great friends, and that I would ever know a woman that can make be laugh so much.

This photo was when we met, that's my card in her hand 2010
This is one extraordinary woman. The best (and I include all I have heard in my 68 years) vocalists I have ever heard. Jazz, Pop, Brazilian, Scat...the best! Phrasing, none better! And an Angelic quality to it all. My friendship with her is something that inspires me to be a better person. (like her).

When my documentary film is done you will hear her story. And you will then know the actual meaning of the phrase 'born to'. Greta was born to sing, and she knew it forever. She sacrificed for it.

Greta, the whole world is about to hear you, with this tour now with Gege Telesforo and the 'Nu Joy' Band, and our documentary film, and nothing makes me happier!!!!

I am so lucky to be your friend. I have learned from you!
And someday, maybe I can rent you that triciclo.


Three years later, the SAME SMILE!
Me and Greta, filming: NYC

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!   buon compleanno!!!!
                                                  ~~grazie per la vostra amicizia~~

 Here is her present to all of you, the Diva at her very best!!  Listen to Perfection

CU SOON, bella!! xo

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