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'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile' ~Yulix~Electrified!

It has been my pleasure to be a friend of the 'Hive' for a couple of years now. The Bees are the nicest, most talented people in New York City. This 'front' as Yula Beeri the Hive creator puts it (as she performs her wonderful music on 4 fronts) is 'Kiss Slash Crooked Smile'.

This was the origin of the group:  It was originally Yulix and Assi Spector; an acoustic duo.
...here they are, from the Doc film 'StreetcredMusic'  ..'Keep Me Satisfied'

Assi Spector, Yula Beeri (Yulix)
Well as always, with the 'ever morphing' Yula, she has taken her 'cross any genre' music to a new level!

The duo has add drummer extraordinaire, Stefano Baldasseroni, and some electrification, and here they are......Thanks to Assi for sending their latest 'live' videos!!

Here is 'Kiss slash Crooked Smile' Live last week!

NYC...keep your eyes wide: and they will appear at a venue near you!

Here is another 'live' video from their latest show!! ENJOY...KSCS! 

Check out the Hive! 

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Photos From 'Angel Week' in New Yor City, (Film shoot)

Wonderful, exciting, exclusive, marvelous, filming, videos, live music, eat, drink, make friends, bring new artists together, make duets with artists who never heard of each other, except trough me and this ever morphing blog!!!

That was 6 days of 'Angel Week'....
here are the photos.......

Erin Pellnat~Clara Lofaro

       They sang a duet!     They became friends...(I knew they would)

  Peter Steusloff, shot it and as always it was a bulls-eye!!

   Peter and Alex Prol...(guitar from CLo's band)

I created some rough edges for this shoot. I asked Clara to do one of her older tunes, she had not performed it for a while, and I put two artists together for the first time. So it took a while to get the music they way the ladies wanted it (which is the only way to do it). It was all done with smiles and laughter, we took our time and 'got it right'. It was really FUN!  Ladies XO!


                   As always when you work with me there is always a night on the town.

     Erin warmed up the night before, singin some JAZZ classics at the Back Room,
 with~   Svetlana and the Delancey Five!!


Then Yulix, and I spent the day together as Yulix II 'The Opera' was rehearsing!! At 'The Hive'

Amazing people here, enjoy these great pics...

                                                        Shopping for 'Turbans' in Brooklyn???

                         Drummer, Stefano Baldasseroni, (don't know who has the fastest hands for a drummer, in NYC, him or Mauricio Zottarelli).

                                                    Stefan Zeniuk, AMAZING!

               This lady has leaped on to my list of favorites...Chen Prat! Stunningly beautiful, talented and WHAT a voice!!!


                  Two of the most creative people on Earth, and two of the nicest!! Yuli and Charmin Ultra!

..........as you can see from theses photos of the Hive, they do not have 'perks' there. They are a community of artists totally non profit, working in a building that needs help. They survive only on donations and people who volunteer services!  'The Hive'

                      That's the mirror the dancers rehearse with, they could use a bigger one!

The Hive is an emotional experience for me. I have not seen since the 1960's a community of such dedicated people, continuously battling the odds, just to be successful in creating a path for other artists to follow....and perhaps make it a little easier for them to create!

        This is the founder, creator, Yula Beeri. She keeps it afloat by simply devoting her life to it!

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Svetlana Shmulyian, at 'The Back Room'...best Monday night gig in New York City!

Me and Kayce McGehee dancin? Me and Clara Lofaro dancin? What could make that happen?
..........Svetlana Shmulyian and the Delancey Five!

It will happen to you too if you go to the 'Back Room' Speakeasy on Monday nights.
102 Norfolk St, down the alley to the door!  ...and you better know the password! 


Clara Lofaro

The music: well I was not around in the 1920's but this was the atmosphere and the decor that I think a Speakeasy would have had. The one thing I know a speakeasy had was great music, and Svetlana and the Delancey Five were terrific. Amazing musicians, and the charm and smooth style of Svetlana
were a time machine back to that era!

.....the women with me were all singers/songwriters...all I heard from them was "she's wonderful, she's beautiful, that dress is awesome, I love her!!"


I frequent many, many venues in New York City, the people with me do too, they were all writers of politics and musicians, and we were all amazed at the atmosphere we walked into. Once you get by the door, it just like you see in the movies...it's all about fun! A different world!

It's a musical tour of the American Song Book of that time...Gershwin tunes were featured, but the set list brought back many of the great tunes, with Svetlana's personal touch! What a great night!!

Svetlana makes it all happen!! If you are in New York City on a Monday night...get there!!

Here's a new CD from the band!

Get the password for the night and all the upcoming gigs  click here!

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I Spoke with Greta Panettieri, her thoughts on Umbria Jazz Festival!

 My thanks to Greta Panettieri, and to Gege Telesforo! They have taken time from a grueling schedule, to chat with me and sent photos!!!!   

 Greta:  "9 shows in 5 days!!
Gege'Telesforo and the NuJoy Band with Gege' Telesforo , Arnaldo Santoro, Domenico Sanna, Fratello Joseph Bassi, Roberto Pistolesi and myself...
Orvieto,Umbria, Dec 28th 2012 thru  Jan 1st 2013..."
 Gege' Telesforo  & Greta
 "Every show was sold out and even more, we had to  make people move to walk on stage....every show has been a trip into our hearts and souls, every show the people that were listening to us responded with so much enthusiasm and love, that even though we had 2 shows a day ( not easy considering all the energy we spent ) we couldn't wait to be on again...we sang we played, we shared our feelings ,we cried some tears, we cheered to the New Year ,we met new friends , talked deep and stupid things, we jammed, we walked around....over all we Jazzed It Out!!!"

Greta: "Peace and love Pete, to you and all the people that support your blog, ~ your vision and this great place that is ~StreetcredMusic~ off to a new journey tomorrow, but I will keep sending new pics and some thoughts~
ciao ciao e Buon Anno a tutti!!!"
Gege, ~Greta ~Kurt Elling
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Gretatze, thanks for the kind words!!!!   CU Soon!


StreetcredMusic: Join Me ~2016 Support Indie Music!! New York City!!

Indie Artists...Join me in 2016, I have made a New Years Resolution to spend $300 this year on Indie Music.

...if you only talk the talk, you can stop reading at this point. If you want to walk da walk...

Think of it this way: It's $5.76 per week, 1 less beer~one less Starbucks 'ripoff' caffe, one less magazine that tells you how new technology and computer programs, will make you a star.

There are hundreds of you in NYC alone. Let this be our way of telling the record companies...Vaffanculo!

I spent $12.80 on New Years Day...I purchased 9 original tunes, added them to my computer and burned a CD for my car. It took me about 35 minutes to support 4 different artists, that I love.

If only 100 of us do it, it puts 30Grand in the pockets of Indie Artists!

Here's you chance!!!  Have a great 2016!!

Theses artists have some great music out there now!! Just click on their links!!

Kiss Slash Crooked Smile    Kalen & The Sky Theives 
 Laura Falcinelli
Greta Panettieri     and  Kayce Laine      

Laura Falcinelli

Greta Panettieri

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