Introducing, Sarah Wise~~New York City

Sarah Wise is an up-and-coming Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter.
 ...With a distinctive, powerful voice and provocative, poignant lyrics, Sarah's unique sound blends naturally into her folk-driven songs with splashes of blues, soul, and country elements. 

  Sarah Wise

Sarah will be at Arlene's Grocery Store  Oct. 23 7PM....with
Marc Shulman & Clifford Carter....

Soooo, New York City, here is another great new Indie Artist, get out and support her!!

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Introducing::'The Sublime Miss Kosi'~ With 'One More Cup of Coffee'

"I suppose, in a sentence, I'm a New-York-born-and-bred singer-songwriter with nappy hair and jazz roots. I feel lucky to have been born here, where there is music coming out of every crack in the sidewalk, but I've never been born anywhere else, so I guess I don't really know the difference."

That's Kosi!
 I asked her to send a few words for you my readers. 

She's a new Indie Artist, and that's what I do~~bring them to you, and hope you like and support them!

Kosi, will be having a release show for her new album, at The Vagabond Cafe, 7 Corneila Street, New York City, on September 21st, 8 PM.

The album is 'One More Cup Of Coffee'

You can preview the album ::HERE

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Record Setting Day For StreetcredMusic, September 13th, 2012

September 13th, 2012 is the date, the record for hits on this blog in a day, has been smashed!
...the total now is 5,987 and there is still 2 hours to go in the day!

Greta Panettieri and Mauricio Zottarelli are the reason,
 they have dominated the blog... for three days now!! here is an ENCORE!    

this footage is from the filming of my documentary film "StreetcredMusic"
                   at the Zinc Bar, NYC! 


Greta, on coming back to New York City:

Is it really 2 years? it's been more, wait it's got to be less...
when did you get in town?
hmmm a week ago , no a month I saw so many people and did so many things it's got to be more....

Well yeah NYC would do that to you,  easily!
I have been away for the past 2 years and believe me between the good and the bad they were pretty long years.
 I moved 3 times traveled around, recorded albums , played great festivals or shitty gigs, put bands together, met new friends and I now have..well.. I have cats and dogs, but the second I stepped out of the airport (you can't consider yourself here until you make it through customs..) I was home and the time gap between now and 2 years ago got filled up in a blink.

 Besides my rusty English and some more wrinkles around my eyes an maybe a couple extra super fancy expensive delis in the neighborhood, NYC was holding it all for me to find it all exactly where I left it. Isn't it wonderful? I bet this city does the same for all of us 'New Yorkers of heart' .