StreetcredMusic: How It Got Started & Where Are They Now?

Here is one of the FAQ I get all the time in New York City.
....well, here is a brief answer, with all of the important stuff!

  A vimeo, video,
       ...Enjoy: ..  How it got started, StreetcredMusic.

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StreetcredMusic: Two New Videos, The Lost Star and Lucine Fyelon, (just released)

Two friends of StreetcredMusic have just released their latest videos.

From Paris, The Lost Star has released 'Diamond Lil', a seductive, as always, and a wonderfully produced look at,  as always, with The Lost!

...   ...Enjoy: 'Diamond Lil'


From LA, one of the most talented musicians, and vocalists, we know,  Lucine Fyelon has just released...'By My Side'. Lucine once again mesmerizes us!

...  ...Enjoy: 'By My Side'
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StreetcredMusic: April 2016. Just Some Of My Friends Singing.

Some tunes from some friends of this blog. Indie musicians who give us some of the best music out there. #Supportindie.

Lucine Fyelon
 Video: Lucine, violin & vocals
Lucy Woodward
Video: Enjoy, Some vintage Lucy!

Cezara Lucia Vladescu
Video; Enjoy, Some 'Morphine'

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