StreetcredMusic: She Said~He Said. Jasmine Thompson~Joe Alterman. "You Are My Sunshine"

Music knows no gender..."You Are My Sunshine"
Another in my series She Said~He Said.

Jasmine Thompson
 Jasmine was born to a Chinese mother and English father and spent her childhood living in low-income housing. Her parents divorced early on because of her father’s alcoholism and Jasmine found herself facing the reality of a split home as a young kid, and Jasmine turned to music to get her through the hard times.

She Said: VIDEO: You Are My Sunshine

Jasmine Thompson
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Joe Alterman

Ramsey Lewis
The wonderful Joe Alterman, one of my favorite young pianists, came by for an afternoon visit this weekend between his shows at Winter's Jazz Club in Chicago. As you can see, we managed to play some music and have quite a few laughs!

He Said:  VIDEO "You Are My Sunshine"


"You Are My Sunshine" is a popular song written by Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell and first recorded in 1939. It has been declared one of the state songs of Louisiana because of its association with Davis, a country music singer and governor of the state in the years 1944–1948 and 1960–1964.
The song has been covered numerous times — so often, in fact, that it is "one of the most commercially programmed numbers in American popular music." The song, originally country music, has "virtually lost" its original country music identity, and represents both the national flowering of country music and its eventual absorption into the mainstream of American popular culture.

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