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StreetcredMusic Documentary Film, New York City.

OK, here are the photos from our first week of shooting, NYC, April 27-29th...
A labor of love it was. Twenty six hours not one glitch! Six different remote locations, a two and a half hour live show, 14 artists involved, food, travel, equipment, crew we all loved what we were doing! The featured ladies, Gio Moretti, Clara Lofaro were an absolute joy to be with! The theme is to feature Indie artists, and get people to realize how talented they are. And urge people to buy talent, not popularity...and keep the music alive!

Clara and CraigWilson, along with David Browning who was on Skype, wrote a song as we filmed. Clara will be performing it at the Canal Room for the first time, May 16th...'I'm A Hurricane'

Craig Wilson http://www.myspace.com/craigwilsonband 

After a hard day, Sarah Manning, Jazz sax player, joined us for a cocktail!! or two!

Gio, http://giomorettimusic.blogspot.com/

Gio Moretti, welcomed us to her home as part of her feature, and made some espresso...delicious!

Then she previewed a new tune for us!!

Gio was  nervous ( not really), I had to calm her down...it was just an excuse for me to hug her!!

Hostess Gio, with Director Tami Meir, and camera person Peter Steusloff. Gio had changed into her "Rock and Roll" killer outfit for the live show! Notice the art work!

Peter Steusloff: https://www.facebook.com/steusybaby?sk=info

These photos were taken with my Mickey Mouse camera...I have 150 more and we still have the photos taken by the film crew to come yet!! I'll post some new pics every day till we get them all out there..

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Caffe Vialdi Welcomes StreetcredMusic!

Sunday, April 29th, Independent Artists in New York City will be the focus of an event that will give them a 'voice' and it will have a face too. This blog will present a show that will kick off our documentary film about the trials and tribulations of starting a career in music in the city that never sleeps.

It will focus on four women, Gio Moretti, Yula Beeri, Clara Lofaro and a 'mystery guest', who if you follow this blog is no mystery, and certainly more than just a guest!
Cameo performances will include, Sarah Manning, Nicole Zuraitis, and our token guy, Jazz Man Joe Alterman!
...in fact anyone I have written about who shows up at Vivaldi, time permitting will get a shot on camera and a plug!  So come on down!

A big thank you to Ishrat Ansari, owner of Caffe Vivaldi, he has supported Indie artists a lot longer then I have....he welcomed us in!

...the show will run like this...remember the last party you had a good time at? everyone added something cool to it?

First; Kiss Slash, Yulix (one of Yula's outrageous music ventures, will kill you)
Yula, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yula-and-the-eXtended-family/124717849424

 Then...JAZZ, pianist Joe Alterman will team up with Sarah Manning, alto sax....
 Sarah Manning, http://www.sarahmanningmusic.com/

....Pianists, vocalist, Nicole Zuaritis, will jump in for a bit!!...
Nicole Zuratis, http://www.nicolezuraitis.com/
....at this point, Gio Moretti, will 'stop the show' with her ladies of passione!!

Gio, Alex, Amanda..Rockin' giomorettimusic.com

...and then the best 'closer' in New York, no, not Mariano...CLo...will close the night!!
Clara Lofaro...  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SelFeTmg-qg

Clara, Lofaro, 'CLo'...http://claralofaro.com/

Soooo, if you're Indie and in de city...stop in, get noticed!!
 ....and show some support for all involved!!


Mystery Guest....from a foreign land...
She promises to cheer up, when she gets to NYC!
poster by AnimAcusticA.

 ...this is a labor of love for me and my 'family' of artists...come get some!  Pete.

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Why No Top Ten Sexy Guitars??

This morning one of my BFF straight out played me like the instruments she is adept on!
Yep, she stroked me like a 12 string! She says "how come you don't want to do the Top Ten Sexiest Guitar Players? 
pick one...No Way!!

She went on to say "I'll be #10, I don't care, I just want to see who you pick". That's laughable because she knows she would be in the top three. So right off I knew this was another 'trouble making' attempt that she excels at.

here's 3 more??

Then, she said well you did the pianists? I explained that I know dozens of world class pianists, because one of the requirements to make the list is, I have to know you personally, I have to be a friend or have interviewed them to put them on the list!

Who could dispute, Aziza, Eliane Elias, Carly Simon, Nina Simone, Lynne Arriale??
In fact most of the ladies on the pianists' list thanked me for including them on such a list and were honored that I put them ahead of some of the greats!

Yea, more?

With the guitar list, I do not know any world famous musicians who make their living with a guitar... so the list would be a list of ladies who are close to me. That's the rub!
Hmmmmm, sexy, yes!

So, nice try, fill in your name!!  ...but you need to come with a better argument!!

Add, Abby see what I mean?

and...still more, but no room!!

 ...over the Ten already and I have no more room for photos

I would love to do it, the Pianists was fun for all involved and it gave the blog a major shot in the arm.
but....A quote I heard somewhere, in a year far, far away comes to mind...
"If a man is standing alone in the woods and says something.....is he still wrong"

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A challenge to Indie artists...In New York City.

...For three years now I have been blogging non profit for un signed artists in New York City and Chicago.
At the same time I see posts on Facebook and Twitter all the time dealing with the lack of support you very talented people get.

I am now financing a documentary film to support Indie artists in New York City. My goal, to show the world what it takes to survive in the music industry. The rejection, the hard work, the education needed, the rehearsal time, the venue owners who take advantage of you and especially the ones who do not!

I have heard over and over from most of you, how difficult it is to get people out. I have written articles on this twice in the past. Some of the reasons given are the high unemployment, the price of gas, the recession in general.

Yes I agree the above are factors, but there are other issues I see, that come from the performers.

So I'm issuing a challenge to any and all of you, especially if I have written about you or posted your gigs, time and place and urged people to get out and see you!

I'll be in New York City on April 26th. As I always do, I will get to see as many of you as I can.
...and I want to see you guys out there helping me...come out show support, join me, I can't do it alone, I as always will bring people with me, you do the same...

Last time I came to New York I invited 50 people to come to Pianos to see Kalen, 45 said they were coming...6 showed up, and I brought 3 of the 6 with me.

 So here we go again, put up or shut up...here is a list of where I'll be, more will be added as we get closer to April 26th!

April 26th...7 PM..Caffe Vivaldi to see the wonderful Kalen. http://kalenmusic.com/

April 27th...MoM A Rock Concert Musical 8 PM...http://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?showcode=MOM8

April 28th, Kristin Hoffman at Caffe Vivaldi, and earlier I'll be at Rockwood Music Hall to see Jane Lui.

April 29th, we are filming our documentary at Caffe Vivaldi at 6 PM...
 you can not find more talent in one place on a Sunday
anywhere in NY, and it's free! Every artist there is accomplished, they have performed all over the  world
Poster by  https://www.facebook.com/pages/AnimAcusticA/149449901756523?sk=app_2405167945
Sooo, you have four days to show some support for you colleagues, come out, have a drink, say Hi and help me help you!

 So, I guess I'll see you all, the week of April 26th!!  Right?

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Gio Moretti, Featured in StreetcredMusic's coming film.

Gio Moretti...talent, beauty, creativity, 'passione'. She has created a sound all her own.
Love and compassion fill the air with her lyrics and melodies.

Gio will be the center of our show at Caffe Vivaldi on April 29th, and her persona will capture you
in our film.

Giovanna Moretti, giomorettimusic.com
 From Gio:

Grateful to be part of this Documentary Film, produced by StreetcredMusic.
A great opportunity to show my journey, a life of making music , a life of a mother, a woman and an artist.

Thanks Pete Carma, my dear friend, for believing in me, and for sharing that to the world.
        Love, Gio