Loida Liuzzi



StreetcredMusic: 'PianoWomen'

I am putting together a series of videos of some of my favorite songstresses, which will include some of the best vocalists and writers in New York City, all genres, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and some foreign language music as well. Called 'PianoWomen'

Women from Italy, Israel, Russia, Canada, Spain will all be represented.
And some great actresses will participate, Oh yeah they sing too.

So just be ready, for some of the most talented women, well, in the world!

Erin Pellnat

Tessa Lena

Keren Botaro

Vanessa Calderon

Emilly Ben Ami

....and of course the usual 'suspects' that you see all the time here will be 'In' too...
Excited to start work on this, this Summer!!