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New CD from, Greta's Bakery...

Greta's Bakery, is following up their most recent album 'Under Control'.....with....
'Non Gioco Piu', which will be released in June. 

here's a peek at the new cover!!
here's a preview:: Greta's New CD!

Greta Panettieri

....Songs of Mina, with a 21th Century 'Diva'....can't wait!!

 here's a link to Greta's previous albums:: Music from Greta

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StreetcredMusic, Making Like A Salmon, Again

I spoke to several producers of documentary films in the last year. I was trying to get some advice on how to market my film, 'StreetcredMusic'

Two of them were Oscar winners and many time Emmy winners. One, a very nice woman was head of documentary production for HBO and Cinemax.
They both told me exactly the same story, they were honest with me, we met face to face, not at the same time...the meetings were separate..I was introduced to them by mutual friends, and I thank them for their expertise.

They told me:: "we want dark"...they would not touch what I had. They wanted pedophilia, veterans committing suicide, Holocaust survivors and the like. They liked what I had done and wished me well. When I told the woman from HBO what I planned to do, she asked me if I wanted a job....for real.

Well, here I go again, for the umteenth time, in my life, making like a salmon.
Heading UP STREAM!

....and I just want to thank the Angels who jumped in the boat with me!!

Yula Beeri

Clara Lofaro

Greta Panettieri

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StreetcredMusic, the Doc Film..we finished?? New York City.

Almost two years to the day, 'cause we started filming on April 27th 2012, it appears we have what we want, and now the editing begins.

 This photo of Clara 'trouble' Lofaro was taken just minutes before we shot the first footage. It's in the back yard of Crop to Cup Coffee Bar in Brooklyn. April 27th, 2012. She said to me "am I wearing too much blue". No script, no rehearsal, we went inside, turned the camera on, had coffee and cookies and shot about 20 minutes.

also that day::

...we walked and talked our way 'up the hill' in Park Slope and all she did then was write the monster tune 'Hurricane'.  You will see all that in the film!

Then 'The Diva', Greta Panettieri flew in from Rome, and replace Gio Moretti, in doing so, well, it was like a person doing CPR. The creative process was revived and jumped to it's feet as if we were
'touched by an Angel'. Sistas!

                                   ...at JFK, her first time back to NYC in 2+ years.

Her reunion with 'Brazilian Nights'
                        Video here

Here with the maestro::
Cidinho Teixeria 
Greta also gave me an interview that will be a prototype.. for young women who want to take a shot in New York City, with a start from scratch career as a singer.

Then we got around to 'what's her name'.

Yula, TheHiveNYC

Yula 'Red Lipstick' Beeri......who said Pete, just come to the Hive, we'll talk it will be fine!
So we did and it was....

Yuli also shot hours of footage at the Hive, during the preparations for her Rock Opera 'Yulix',
which is full of real life, and the making of a show, when everyone is contributing their time and talents. We have many live music cuts of her and the four amazing groups that she is a part of.

Like this:: from her show at The Bowery Ballroom, with her band 'Yula & the eXtended Family'

Video: Enjoy the magic of Yuli


Yuli with Kiss Slash Crooked Smile


Here's my 2cents::
Now that we are finished, it seems anticlimactic. Sure it took two years to shoot, not because it's an epic film... because I live in Chicago, Greta lives near Rome, and Yula and Clara are the busiest people I have ever known,...and we were not in a hurry, no deadlines, no outside influences to haunt us, no script, no rehearsals. Anticlimactic because I have to pat myself on the back..I feel we have accomplished something greater than any film... four people will be friends for life.
Four people that I put together..from four corners of the world.

When I'm alone with anyone of them, they just tell me how great it is that they got to know and love each other. Mama, Mamacita, Sista, that's how they talk to each other. That's the great accomplishment.
In addition we have all had setbacks in our personal lives over the two years, and we were there for each other, a family.
I could have never dreamed that the level of trust and confidence we have in each other would be a byproduct of this project.

Here's our page~~~~StreetcredMusic..the film

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New Release From:: Sonia Montez and the Henry Street Players..'AveryJane'

One of my very favorite people in New York City, Sonia Montez has today released a new video from her album, the single is 'AveryJane'.

Sonia Montez

 If you have never heard her 'monster' voice, and her talents on guitar.........
                                                        Enjoy:::Video: 'AveryJane'

Sonia is as 'Independent' as independent gets... In her approach to the music business and her life, she pulls no punches. She is making this wonderful work available to you, to download, here..
'Part-Time Musings'

 "Hey Pete...the video for AveryJane is released today. Links to the free download of the single and stream link to the rest of the record are in the description of the video. This is one of two videos we're releasing before the entire record is given away for free".

On the album::
Nick Oddy/Adam Minkoff on electrics, Adam bass too, Sean Dixon, on drums/percussion/wurlizter, Scott Chasolen, on piano, Kaleta on addition percussion.

Video concept:: And directed by::
Adriana DeGirolami

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Clara Lofaro::Some of the best music on line, indie or otherwise!

Amazing writer/performer, New York City. The very best Indie Music.

>> Clara Lofaro's songs are "laced with soulful grooves...vulnerability and defiance".

Clara Lofaro

Live video:: 'Born To Love You'

 Clara's latest video single release::  'Slow Burn'

" You can download Slow Burn from my new EP"   , "Air Lift Me": HERE!

Preview her body of work, listen:: 'HERE"

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