'Snow Bunny's Revenge' the new music video from Jean Fight.

Jean Fight a great new band in New York City, that I have been following for a year now, has released it's first music video. 'Snow Bunny's Revenge' it's a fast moving tune and a video to match it well. The tune written by lead singer, Erin Pellnat and arranged by the band is a perfect match for the zany video.

Here's what Erin had to say about the project::
"The release of Snow Bunny's Revenge is especially exciting for us because it is Jean Fight's first music video. We filmed it on a whim in just four hours with phenomenally talented director, Robert Kolodny, kingpin of House Of Nod Inc. It is here and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Mike Leuis put an enormous amount of time and energy into editing it and did a stellar job. The timing could not be more perfect. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we are enjoying giving it to you!"

The Band::  Guitar - Richard Emery   Bass - Dylan Kaminkow
       Keys - Damian Sim     Drums - Tyler Joseph and Vocals: Erin Pellnat

Additional credits include:  Sound Recording/Engineering - Nathaniel Schroeder
Titles - Lori Arden  Assistants - Bennett Elliott, Christopher James Cazavilan

ENJOY~~~~Snow Bunny's Revenge

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'Under Control' From Greta's Bakery.

Greta's Bakery, has produced their second album. This project is a totally independent one. Co produced by Andrea Sammartino, and Los Angeles California's noted producer Larry Williams, who also lends his talents to the tune 'My Angel' on this work, with a wonderful sax solo to the vocal magic of Greta Panettieri.

Miss Panettieri is the vocalist, as she was on Greta's Bakery's first album from 2010, 'The Edge of Everything' (DECCA). The group was based in New York City in 2010, now they work out of Rome, Italy. And will be putting together a tour of Europe this summer.

A 'labor of love' is how Greta expressed her feeling to me about this new project. Also joining the Bakery is Curtis King Jr. of the E Street Band. Greta and Curtis team up on 'Lover', the opening tune on the album an R&B tune, where both their range and velvet tones are matched to perfection.

 Greta's Bakery
The album is a delight, a mix of R&B, Blues and of course when Greta is involved, some jazz and her amazing scatting ability.

'Guessing and Surmising' and the title tune 'Under Control' display the top to bottom range that Greta is known for. Perfect intonation, scatting that makes sense and never looses the listener, and her amazing improvisational skills make this album a music lover's choice.

'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' the Michael Jackson tune, is taken on here by Greta. She inhabits it, puts a feminine touch on it, with the tenderness only she can deliver both vocally and emotionally. I'm not crazy about 'cover' tunes but this is special, a wonderful tribute to MJ, he would love it.
 Here is the brilliant video::'I Just Can't Stop Loving You'

 All in all this will be a great addition to your music library, it's done to perfection.

Also contributing on this project::
Andrea Sammartino: Piano, Synths, Co/Producer & Sound Engineer
Larry Williams: Tenor Saxophone, Co/Producer
Curtis King Jr.: Vocals
Daniele Mencarelli: Bass, except 'Under Control' by Fabio Capone
Stefano Tamborrino, Armando Sciommeri, J.J.Telly: drums,
Nicola Costa, Piero Masciarelli, Marco Acquarelli, Pierluca Taranta: guitars
Neney Santos: percussions
Paolo Innarella: flute
Giorgio Granieri: trumpet and flughorn
Michele Tremamunno, Andrea Rellini, Joele e Lara Micelli: strings

Both 'Under Control' and 'The Edge of Everything' are available on ITunes and HERE

By...Pete Carma    and   StreetcredMusic


Greta Panettieri~~New York City Jazz Fest 2014

The essence of what I'm trying to do, by telling the world that there are Independent people in music who are as good or better than what you are being 'force fed' by the music conglomerate, played out right before my eyes last weekend in NYC.

Going to NYC Jazz Fest, seeing about 8 or 10 artists, and realizing the woman you walked in with and standing next to, sipping vino with, was better than them all, no, not just better, on a higher level! (she's too modest, but we all know it's true)........

Video, 'Guessing and Surmising'   From her new album:: 'Under Control'  

Me & Greta at NYC Jazz Fest

Greta at our Bitter End Show, with Lara Bello & Clara Lofaro

So if you are in New York City, or any major city, get out, seek out the artists who need your support.
NYC, there are hundreds of Indie venues, stop in, see what these wonderful musicians are doing.


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StreetcredMusic, the Documentary Film in New York City, 2014

You know me, be brief, post photos, videos and here, our eight days in NYC....
for the shooting of the documentary film:: 'StreetcredMusic'

StreetcredMusic: Clara Lofaro  Yula Beeri  Greta Panettieri

 Some home made video I shot with a $69 camera>>Yula, Greta and Stefano Baldasseroni

Some photos::  Noooooooo, she was not drinking from the bottle!
Yula and Clara filming at 'The Hive'

Another home made video, Greta and Yula>>> ENJOY!!!

Some photos::

Yula with songstress Chen Prat.

The amazing, Lara Bello came to our show at The Bitter End.


Erin Pellnat @Jean Fight opened the show

Songstresses all, were at the Bitter End Show!....I call them 'SuperGlue' because once you get close to them, you can never break free!

Erin Pellnat, Kayce Laine, Greta, Kosi and Clara

New York City artist, sculptor, ...and a member of, 'The Hive' >>   Liz Emirzian  
..........did this spectacular portrait of Clara Lofaro!!

At, 'The Bitter End' show~~
Me and Greta, invade The eXtended Family!

No words needed::  Greta Panettieri, Lara Bello, Clara Lofaro>>>WOW, Italy, Spain, Canada, THANK YOU for these beauties!

ieeeeee yi yiii

Hear no.....drama
See no .......drama


                    The Diva was cold!!


...but she gave us her very best!!!

as did Peter Steusloff

That's just a bit of the LOVE we spread around New York City, on a cold week in January!

Here's my 2cents~~MY VIDEO

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.............Special, very special thanks to The Bitter End
.............and Yula and 'The Hive'

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StreetcredMusic, Concert At The Bitter End, New Yor City.

As we gather for what should be our last film shoot for my documentary film, 'StreetcredMusic' in New York City next week, Jan 9th....which will involve some six thousand miles of travel....

Let me wet your appetite with some LOVE from the Angels that will be on stage. We start at 6 PM and will perform till 10 PM. At the world renown Bitter End.

We will join the likes of: Bill Haley, Odetta, Arlo Guthrie, Etta James, Lady Gaga, Miles Davis and a hundred other super stars of jazz, pop, comedy, and of course 'ROCK', in adding our contribution to this great venue.

Erin Pellnat  with her band Jean Fight, will open up, at 6 PM.

                 One thing for sure after her opening set, the crowd will be ready to party!!

At 7, the Diva, Greta Panettieri should be ready after her flight in from Rome (and I thank her soooo much for coming back to NYC to help us with this show and the movie, xo) to show you why I think she may be the best of the best.

Here is just a tiny clip of the 'Diva' from the film to tease you all::ENJOY

At 8, the roof will have been reinforced, for your protection as Yula and the eXtended Family  will hit the stage.
Yula Beeri, surrounded by some of the best musicians in NYC, is a 'must see'.

Yula &the XFM
                       Here is a clip from 'StreetcredMusic' the doc film with Yula &XFM

At 9, 'Her Hotness', Clara Lofaro will send everyone off with a skull full of her amazing melodies and lyrics. The songstress of life will be the final Angel to throw some love out to you all.

She was Born To:::: spread love, enjoy her Billboard Charting...tune, 'Born To Love You'

So, if you miss this one, shame on you, four of the best Indie Artist in NYC....all together for StreetcredMusic.

Here is all the:: info for the show

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