StreetcredMusic; New Album, 'Speechless' by Champian Fulton

One of the most missed used phrases from when I covered sports was "an overnight sensation".
Another was, that performance put that person "on the map"
When in reality that 'person' was doing great things for years. (in Champian's case vocals and piano)
Therefore I submit this about:
Champian Fulton's 'Speechless'

Champian Fulton
...Is her third album in the last 3 years. The two previous works, 'After Dark' & 'Champian Sings and Swings'  leaped into the Top Ten jazz releases as soon as they were available.
Both solidified her place as a leading vocalist, pianists and defender of The American Songbook.

In the culture of criticism that jazz has always been, in the eyes of many Champian has now become and overnight sensation, Ha!
Kidding aside though, this album has put her on the map, and will wash away any false doubts about her as a musician and composer. Speechless is filled with great charts.

Get it ::HERE!
'Speechless' is 10 original tunes, 50 minutes of pure joy, and takes Champian to a place where not many women have gone, not only making a mark as a brilliant vocalist but musician and composer as well. The album features the piano skills of Champian, with Adi Meyerson, bass and Ben Zweig on drums. Produced by, Marc Free.

Champian & me NYC
 'Speechless' is filled with solo's that are succinct, and all fit so well with the original chart, cause you know me, I don't want to get lost in a solo when a musician decides to reinvent the wheel. These original tunes express to me what I have seen in Champian over the years...A true love of what she is doing, and getting her message out with fun and love.

Champian is one of those performers who entertains by default. When you see her live she exhibits a joy and an atmosphere that makes the music come alive. So much fun to see her live, so GET OUT!

I'll be playing the entire album on my radio show, to the world, Thursday, April 27th & Thursday, May 4th. You can listen, 4pm, ET and 9pm, UK; HERE

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StreetcredMusic: Songs For Summer, The Beach.

Summer 2017, far from North Korea, there are beaches, peaceful beaches with music.
....for instance California, The "Island" of Kalen

Enjoy the Video:: "Island"

Kalen web site
....and Italy, the Mediterranean Sea, Ahhh, I'm In Love, by Greta Panettieri
Enjoy the Video: "I'm In Love" 

The 'Diva' Greta Panettieri
...and of course still further away, Brazil, 7,400 miles of beaches.
Where the Maestra of love lives...Ivete Sangalo
Enjoy the Video:: 'Dengo de Amor'

 About: Ivete Sangalo

> "In the summer, the days were long, stretching into each other. Out of school, everything was on pause and yet happening at the same time, this collection of weeks when anything was possible."

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StreetcredMusic: Rock and Roll Hall of Misogyny

'My2cents'...I catch glimpses of the Rock & Roll HOF goings on each year, at their induction extravaganza, in NYC, when the Hall is in Cleveland.😀

It always, as do all corporate marketing campaigns, seems so damn male dominated. No surprise though, everything in America is geared to male gratification, the corporate world, advertising, education, politics, salaries, porn and yes, entertainment.

The "legends" and the "pioneers" are always men. The women are treated like, well, 'they were there'.
Well let me tell you as someone who WAS there too, that's is misogyny, in it's purest form.

Janis Joplin

In the 1950's at the Alan Freed shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan, the girl groups were as popular as ANY of the men, and put on better sets. All through the 1970's, the open air concerts, the women again drew large crowds and all the other artists would turn out to see them.

The woman above is the Queen of all Rock and Roll. Every woman today who stands in Front of a rock band, owes it all to her. She drank and did drugs, and bi sexual and was blackballed by networks and media for it, and was in some papers called a threat to American youth. Meanwhile the men who did likewise were revered by everyone in the music business as geniuses, explorers of the mind.

Video, Enjoy Janice, because she carried a::  Ball and Chain

When you saw her live, when she was done, so were you, you left the venue. Whoever was next was fuckin boring!

         ......On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone.

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