Question and My Answer!!! 11/28/12

MickW, from NYC asks: 'What is your movie's next step?' 'Will you do more live shows for it?'

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A: It looks like the next live show exclusively for the film will be in Rome, Italy. is all in the planning stages now.

I may do a show in NYC in January, and I may use a bit of it for the film, not sure yet... 
it will include other Indie Artists...the Venue has not confirmed yet...
...however keep in mind, when I'm in NYC with Yulix at The Hive a show could break out at any moment!!

Anything can happen at  The Hive

Oh!   yes one other thing....The Diva (Greta)
will be coming back to NYC, from Rome, so we can film more of her at Brazilian Nights at the Zinc Bar.... and me and her hangin out!!

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Kalen: The CD is, 'Fallen From The Sun', (debut album))

...maybe it's the music, maybe it's the art work, perhaps it's the emotion and passion that went into this work....but..."it's all good". each tune is accompanied by original art work!

Kalen, an Independent Artist from New York City has put together her first album..."this album is about change, growth, and evolution after a crumbling of things".
"The music is a marriage of acoustic and electronic elements~the songs are cinematic stories" (Kalen)

Truly they are, 'Island'  the first cut captured me!
It's a way Kalen has of putting together a lyric with a strong message, but yet a melody that delivers that message in a way that penetrates to a point where you can enjoy both, and the message gets through.

The art for 'Island'

(I'm so glad Kalen included her hit single 'Rabid Girl' on this album, one of my favorites of all the new tunes I've heard in years!)

Kalen: "Neda cut #4, was inspired by Neda Agha-Soltan   I was very moved by her death and the story of her life. I wanted to capture the surreal space between when someone is living, then gone and the process of mourning. Part of the percussion is made up of inhales and exhales recorded through a long accordion, cylindrical tube to exaggerate the belabored breath. It is my favorite track on the album."

Art for 'Neda'

'It Takes A Lifetime' this is a tune that jumped out at me. It's a very simple melody, as most great tunes are. Kalen again writes a strong message here, a universal thought....learning!
Learning about life by experience, and having to apply the lessons we learn and go on!!
A simple lyric and a simple melody, but not a simple process in our lives...I love this tune!

 The title tune 'Fallen From The Sun' is about love, a break up, and the 'changing' process Kalen spoke of. Wonderfully put to a dramatic melody, and a perfect analogy of falling, as far as one can, 'From The Sun'!

Kalen is one of the most intellectually diverse women artists I know. Music, art, theater, politics she is on top of it. This work is more than music, it's part of HER!

 Six tunes in all including the art....
this wonderful work will be available December 1st... you can hear a sample here.
The album comes with a booklet of the art work and the moving lyrics.

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Question and Answer II

This question is from Ravi, in NYC....and he wins a $15 gift card for ITunes!

Ravi asks, "how did you pick the three women for your documentary film?"

Great question Ravi, but there is no easy answer, it's kind of a long story.

I first thought of doing this film about a year before I approached any of the women to take part.
I originally wanted Clara Lofaro, Yula Beeri, and of course I wanted Greta Panettieri because she was the one who unknowingly got me started as a blogger.

However Greta had moved back to Italy and I could not imagine making it work with her, so I was going to do a separate film, just about Greta, when I finished this one.

At first asking Clara said yes, Yula was involved in four other fronts at the time and it would have been impossible to make it work with her schedule wise. So we kinda left it at that.
I originally wanted to make the film about four women, so I asked Amy Regan, Emily Wolf, and Gio Moretti....because I thought they had interesting stories, and were three different personalities, and their music was sooooo different.

Emily Wolf, me, Amy Regan, and Clara Lofaro

           (That photo was at the first meeting to put together 'StreetcredMusic' the film.)

Amy and Emily said yes, and Gio too. So I was set, I thought.
Just a few days after committing, Amy and Emily opted out.
So now, fate intervened, Yula and I spoke again and she agreed to be IN!
That was the day I knew I was going to be able to make it work.

So it was set as, Clara, Yula and Gio. (again I thought).
I flew Greta in from Italy last September, because I wanted to shoot both films simultaneously, so Greta was in that time me and Gio could not see eye to eye on several things for the second time in the filming and I let her go....Greta agreed to take part with Yula and Clara, they all met, became friends.

Greta said, " a movie about just me would be boring, of course I want to be with the other girls!"
So that's the story!!!

Thanks Ravi for taking time!!!!
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Music Clips from the 'raw' footage of 'StreetcredMusic' the film!! is a taste of what we are creating with this documentary film in support of Indie Artist.
...Music, friendship, and we are having a great time, every time we shoot!!


                         The truly wonderful women of 'Hydra'     Rima, Yula,  Sarah


                             Nicole Zuraitis  
                                                           Doing her great composition, 'Try Love'

                                           The Diva    Doin her thing, JAZZ!

 The Documentary Film, from this totally nonprofit blog!!


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Question & Answer!!

The first question in this series is, "Pete, in your opinion what is the best article you have had on your blog?"
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There are two Rob, I can not separate them, here are the links to them. They contain just a few words by me, they were pretty much written by the women they are about!!!

The amazing Jennie Booth                       The marvelous Bekka Lindstrom

Thanks Rob, for taking the time!!

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Photos From 'StreetcredMusic' the Documentary Film,

...just some photos of my documentary film, 'StreetcredMusic' for you to enjoy!!

...keeping with her need to support all things good, Clara Lofaro wanted to start the first day of our shoot at Crop To Cup Coffee.

....the next shoot was at Caffe Vivaldi

....she closed the show that night, with the class of a true Diva!

                                 I had some great Espresso, with Gio

  ....and then there's Yulix, Yula Beeri
                                     ...smiles, love, and great music is all you get from her!!

....little did I know at the time I took this pic, but Dana McCoy was, well, we have to wait and see!!

...and of course, the 'Diva' and me had to work really hard, when she was here!!

here is our FB page:  'StreetcredMusic' the film

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'Artists In New York' Part XI...Lara Bello

Lara Bello is a woman I want you, my readers to enjoy. Lara is from Granada, Spain, and now, is based in New York City.

As have several other ladies I have written about from Europe, Lara started out with classical training as a singer and violinist! (Conservatory Angel Barrios, Granada).
Then she attended the SCAEM, the Villalobos Academy and The Royal School of Music, in London.

Her resume includes, Flemenco, Modern and Arabic dance, in addition to Buddhist Chanting and overtone singing. And OBTW a degree in Psychology and some amazing work in that field!

 Lara Bello
Here is what Lara had to say about being an 'Artist in New York'...

"I moved to NYC after release of my first CD "NiƱa Pez" in Spain, it was an introduction of myself to the world, some of my songs that I was playing for years, together in a CD... recorded with a jazz trio: piano, acoustic bass and drums. 
I was already living between Madrid and Granada and I visited NYC lots of times to work with a great pianist that I work with sometimes, Shai Bachar
I really liked the city, full of movement and energy that sometimes makes you swim into a fast river.
At the beginning it was difficult to adapt myself to the aesthetic of the city, big buildings and another atmosphere. But little by little with the months, I created my second home in NY, and now I miss it every time I'm out of the city.
Listen; Lara's video!
It has been fascinating to find so many different kinds of music, so many great musicians from all over the world and see how the city makes them meet and mix their music, creating new sounds that can be called 'New York Sounds'... some magic stuff that has the sign of the city.
I met lots of Latin American musicians, singers, and band leaders, and I started to learn rhythms from many countries in South America, that's why in my new CD...'Primero Amarillo Despoes Malva' (First Yellow Then Purple) there is a big influence of that music, those rhythms, in my songs."
Then I asked Lara the two questions I ask everyone...
Q: If you were leaving the planet, and you could only take one album with you, which would you take?
 Lara: the album I would take with me if I have to leave the planet would be the CD 'Lorca' of Enrique Morente, the flamenco legend of Granada. (But it's a difficult question, I love so many).
Q: If you could perform with anyone, who would it be?
Lara: Ay, another very difficult question!! So many musicians I would love to perform with! I think I would choose also Enrique Morente, to sing with. He past away a few years ago, so it's not possible, but I would love that.
 More video of Lara:: Here Enjoy!

Lara is teaching voice in Astoria, NYC can contact her at:

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Friendship~StreetcredMusic/New York City Style!

A year ago, November 2d, 2011, I put together a benefit for woman's rights. The venue and the sponsor got greedy. I really wanted to cancel it, but the wonderful women performers involved said, and I'm paraphrasing here..."the heck with them, let's do our show, do it well and have some fun!"
We did, and I am so glad we did!

The show was 'Singin4RSisters'.

As you know this blog if totally nonprofit. But the emotional rewards I get, are priceless.
When I look at Facebook each day, I see literally scores of friendships that have come from that amazing show. In addition there have been dozens of friendships born from the making of my up coming movie, 'StreetcredMusic'.

Here is the fortune I have amassed by being nonprofit;

           That's Eleanor Dubinsky and Kalen, I introduced them at a Nikki Yanofsky concert!

Emily Wolf and Amy Regan were to be in the documentary but they opted out...they were also original 'Sisters'....and that lady on the right is 'Her Hotness' Clara Lofaro

This was at a party, and the biggest check I have ever cashed! I introduced two of the most talented women on the planet....and they sang together, acapella just like that. Yula says, "Greta you want to do something together???" Greta says "yes, what ever you want," Yula says, "what if I sing a Romanian folk song?" Greta says, "you start I'll follow you," Yula says "no you go first!!"
Greta took off and it was the most moving experience I have had since I started this blog.
They were joined by Chen Pratt, mid verse, all that happened at The Hive.

                                        Yula (Yulix)...Chen Prat, and Greta Panettieri

      The original cast of "StreetcredMusic' the film, were all original 'Sisters'   Gio Moretti,  Clara, and Yulix!

 Tammy Scheffer, Gio Moretti, Bekka Lindstrom, Emily Wolf were all original "Sisters'.                                                                                

Two of the best voices ever....Sonia Montez and Greta Panettieri, met for my movie last month!!

Clara and Kalen became friends at Kalen's gig, they missed each other at the 'Sisters' show!!
......because Clara went next door to do another gig, 2 gigs same night!!

The inspiring women from "MoM A Rock Concert Musical" ... were original 'Sisters'.
   Dana McCoy, Bekka Lindstron, Donna Jean Fogel.....everybody friended them!!!

              Emily Wolf and Nadia Ackerman original 'Sisters' ...graced the stage that night!! this Chicago connection I put together, Jazmin Sky and Solitaire Miles

Sooo get out your calculator and figure out how many friendships can be made between all of us....
and that is my bankroll!!

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Just, Clara Lofaro, my friend!

Out of the blue I came, knowing nothing, having no experience, no resume, not one second of movie making to my name....

I wanted to make a documentary film about Independent Artists, to help get their music and there message and their struggles out there!


I knew I needed Clara Lofaro. Of all the women artists I knew, she was essential to me starting this movie project.
If she had said dream would have died on the spot!

From: 'StreetcredMusic', the film!

I knew I would need a friend, someone open to me and what I wanted to do. Someone who would stand shoulder to shoulder with me, and not be afraid to kick my butt if it was necessary, she had done it before!!

Someone to look me in the eye and let me know what I was doing right or WRONG!
I told her at the start, I wanted her to be my 'consulaire'.

...and she has been a great one!

I have had some differences from the start with people who are no longer in the project.
Clara has been there since day one, and has been just as I thought she would be, open, honest and keeping me straight.  
She is a 'business woman' a performer, a manager, sings like an Angel, and she has a heart as big as a Volkswagen.
She has given me just what I expected from her, her TRUST!

Clara is not an artists who needs me, I need her, and that is the why I am soooo grateful to have her as a friend and involved in this film project.

Movie FB page:

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'Nu Joy', New CD, by Gege Telesforo, featuring Greta Panettieri. Diva, my friend, my first love (haha), the amazing Greta Panettieri  is featured on a new CD that will be released today!!

The CD, is Gege' Telesforo's  'Nu Joy'.
Gege is one of the worlds foremost jazz vocalists.

listen to Gege:

Here is what Greta had to say about her collaboration with this giant of jazz, Gege!!

 Greta: "One of the best things that happened to me since I moved back to Italy from the states~ it's been meeting Gege' Telesforo.

Once again I have to give credit to social networks that if used with consciousness can really be useful…to make a long story short I met Gege' through a FB message....

 Andrea Sammartino and I where asking for help finding a booking agent, and instead we found not only one of Italy's Jazz legends, but a great new friend, who is so open minded... to trust and welcome two strangers in his life, and give 'em a chance to do something great!

This happened in May 2011…well, a little more than a year later I find myself being a featured guest singer and a co-author of 6 of his 11 songs on the new album 'Nu Joy'... that will be released tomorrow, November 6, 2012, for Columbia Records and distributed by Sony Music, internationally".           

On Greta's recent visit to New York City in September to shoot some footage for my documentary film **'StreetcredMusic' we really got to know each other well.

We had so much fun, but we also talked about our lives, and how we got to where we are in life today. will see her remarkable story, in the film!


 I am going to, as I do with all the CD's I review, digest this work for a week or so, then 
                                  .........I will tell you how great it is!!!

The CD, 'Nu Joy' is now available on every digital store!

**You can see film clips of Greta on the blog...just scroll back or type her name in the 'search' box!

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"StreetcredMusic" the film, shooting in New York City

When I say I shot this film with no script and no rehearsals, well, I know even tho the people who decided not to be included in the beginning, were scared off by that....although they gave other reasons, the people who liked that idea, are the ones who made this the joy and labor of love I knew it could are some clips that show how creative, talented women can make it work!  Enjoy!

                                            That's the amazing Bekka Lindstrom

               "Wondrous"....the word to describe the talent of this lady...Clara Lofaro

           That's Yula (Yulix) Beeri, who has so many music fronts going,
                   I just gave her a camera and said.........
                            give this back to me when the hard drive is full!!

.........That's it, find unconsciously creative women, turn on the camera and say "let's do it".
.........They are making this from the heart!!  What else could I ask?   
.........Nothing I can say can express how they make me feel.

                                   Camera: Peter Steusloff,      Director/Sound: Tami Meir

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