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StreetcredMusic: Maggie Rose, "Have A Seat" Tour. New York, Chicago


Maggie Rose

I'm not a journalist. I'm not good at mashing adjectives and superlatives to form a 'critical' opinion. I do have eyes and ears. I know what I see and I know what I hear.They have served me well in the seventy plus years I have been listening to music.

What I see when I watch Maggie Rose perform live is, a woman and her music. I attended two shows in the last week (December 18th) of the "Have A Seat" tour, which by the way began in July.

What I saw was 110 percent. A woman who did not back up one inch in any of her performances, after six months. Every show was from the gut and her heart. Two different audiences, the Brooklyn crowd and the Chicago mid-west gang. Both were buzzing about what they had just seen.

I read reviewers who write "she's gifted"... "she has a gift" Maggie has several gifts. She has a heart, a personality, a stage presence, and the voice. A versatile voice with range and a soul. And she leaves it all out there every night. Her lyrics are, simple, universal, and attached to melodic lines that stay with you. Her musicians, her support group on stage, is top notch.

Maggie sings from the inside out. "All good art is self revelation"

Whatever you do, don't tell Maggie...It is what it is.

Here are some images from the shows~~ VIDEO~Maggie Rose

Pete Carma and Maggie Rose