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Introducing, Eleonora Bianchini

Eleonora Bianchini
From Perugia, Italy (Music Conservatory) where she studied Opera
as many of today's jazz musicians have, to Rome to study Jazz Harmony and Improvisation, then she won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Boston and now Eleonora Bianchini has landed safely in New York City.

In May 2008 Eleonora released her first CD, "Como un Aguila en
lo Alto", in different South American styles and lyrics in English,
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

While at Berklee, Eleonora was chosen as the singer for the Berklee Student Quintet to perform at the Orvieto Jazz Festival by
Giovanni Tommaso.

Eleonora will attract you with her smooth, enchanting style and will
capture you with her interpretations of the wide range or her lyrics.


Her style is unique, her voice is eloquent, her choice of songs varies and the CD is an International experience. Emotion, passion and love in any language she sings ring out to you.

I asked Eleonora my two usual questions, If you could only take one album with you on a trip in space which would you take? And if you could perform with any artist who would it be?

She answered; A difficult choice on the album  but chose "Beyond The Missouri Sky" 
by Pat Matheny and Charlie Haden.
As to question number two Eleonora told me she had sung with Brazilian legend Rosa Passos
in Boston in 2007 and then in 2008 she sang at Carnegie Hall with Eva Ayllon,
from Peru, and is now her backup vocalist....So, the one performer she would
like to complete her dream with is the fabulous Flamenco and Bolero stylist from Spain, Mayte Martin.

I love the answers I get from today's young artists on those two questions, it reveals how diverse
the music business is in the 21st Century.

Eleonora at Fenway Park
Eleonora will be at;
Jules Bistro, NYC (St Marks Place)on April 17th.
We will be there too!

Listen to her here...http://eleonorabianchini.net/
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Fab Ness=Alexa Dectis

Alexa Dectis
Fab Ness? A new term used by teenage girls? Could be, but I think I found it to mean, caring, thoughtful, talented and courageous because of Alexa Dectis.

Alexa is a teenage songwriter, and a pretty good one.
She has dedicated her life to helping others and raising the hopes and dreams of all others who suffer as she does from, SMA, (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).
She has been wheelchair bound all her life.

A delightful young lady who has written all the songs on her new CD,  
"Fairy Tale".

One of the most moving songs you will hear at any level 
"Make It Through" stands out on the album.

"Every day we wake up, And we know just what to do, Every day we set out,
And dreams of living we pursue"

"Every day we wonder why our broken wings won't fly"
"Every time we let go, It's because we lost control" 

..........Some of the moving lyrics Alexa told me are to raise the spirits of others
and perhaps give them hope for "When you've risen up". (From "Make It Through")

Alexa donates a part of the proceeds from her CD to SMA...http://www.alexadectis.com/buy.php


In the past Alexa has sung on the streets of New York City to help raise funds.
She related a story to me of those days, when kids would come up and take photos with her, and one day there was a Shrek character in Times Square where she was singing and a crowd of sixty people formed a circle as they danced with Shrek to her songs.

I asked her the question I usually ask everyone, if you could only take one album with you if you were leaving Earth, which would you take....She wants Lady Gaga's, The Fame Monster, it figures, two artist who put their fans and their ideals at the top of the list.


Alexa organized Rock To Walk, a benefit for MDA, she has appeared on the
Jerry Lewis Telethon,
the Soap, Guiding Light, and was Amazing Kid of the Month 
in January, 2009. 

                               Alexa is a delight as is the CD, check out her site,

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FLuTRoNIX, What A Great Mix!

My Gemini mind has been searching for music like Flutronix forever it seems. That is because I love almost all genre.
In the process of entertaining me, Nathalie Joachim and Allison Loggins -Hull have given me some very tasty brain food.

I just received their CD "Flutronix".

The ladies actually do mix so many elements and do it with new compositions as they add to their classical training on the flute, electronics and digital sounds.

Nathalie Joachim, Allison  Loggins-Hull..."Flutronix"
Jazz, Reggae, Classical, I hear it all in their great work on this CD.

Innovative is a word loosely use in reviews however
it really fits here. Cut after cut on the album I was surprised by the rhythm and flowing nature of the compositions and the absolute consistency of the ladies on their instruments.

The electronics and the digital effects are perfectly blended, because as we all have heard before some artists get carried away with them
and create a Star Wars movie.

The Flutronix CD is truly enjoyable.

Mood, effect, artistry and quality are what all artist want in their work,
"Flutronix" hits the mark on all counts. 

Innovative rhythms, a solid back-beat, mixed with some classical passages are all there for the lovers of a totally new sound.

From the opening cut, "Crazy" with it's flying passages to start and it's smooth  soft finish,
to the final tune "Brown Squares" with it's brilliantly haunting melody and electronic back beat,
 I enjoyed a feast of totally innovative music.

  Introduce yourself to the ladies of Flutronix...

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Gaga does the right thing, again!

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, one of the only performers who puts her $$$$ where her mouth is and treats her fans better then
all others has come through again.

The Lady ended her deal with Target to release her latest "Born This Way" because the company donated to the campaign of anti-gay candidates.

The Lady in another move, just hours after the "Quake" in Japan, released a bracelet she designed to raise $$$$ for aid to the victims for a minimum $5 donation, all proceeds will go to the suffering people.

She is a refreshing wind in the "elite" world of celebrity today.
Giving back is what she is all about.
I love the way she takes a stand for her ideals and puts herself and her career "out there".
          To the Lady I say...Thank You!

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"Just Smile" For Clara Lofaro

Clara Lofaro
Let me re- introduce you to Clara Lofaro,
you say you don't know her? Yes you do...
Remember the Super Bowl a couple of years back when the Disney Classic, "When You Wish Upon A Star" was featured in all their ads, that was Clara's great pipes delivering the goods.

There is lots more to this story. Originally from Toronto, by way of Boston's Berklee College of Music, Clara is now in the Big Apple where all the action is.

A six time Toronto Music Award winner for her a previous album "Perfekt World", Clara's new album is self titled "Clara Lofaro". Produced by, Anthony Resta, Robert L. Smith and Harold Stephan.

Her hot new single and video is "Just Smile", as Clara told me this song was written to "spread positive energy through music and a smile". If you are a home town New York City boy like me you have to love the lyrics.
It tells a story of a young girl coming to NYC, Times Square to be exact.

"Riding down into New York City, no sleep, sneaker on, tryin' to look pretty
the Sun is shinin' not a care in the world, can't wait to get there,
cause I'm a city girl"!

I love it and I'll be at her show at Caffe Vivaldi 
on April, 21st, in Da Apple.

I asked Clara the question I ask everyone, if you were leaving the planet and you could only take one album with you, which would you take?
Without any hesitation she said, Useless Desires, by Patty Griffin.

Can't wait to see her live and I'll have a "smiling" review 4 U.

Clara will bet at Caffe Vivaldi, NYC.. on March 15th & April 21st

Treat yourself to"Just Smile"video...

Then View Clara's site  claralofaro.com
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Kalen , "Rabid Girl" by Pete Carma

Kalin Lister "Rabid Girl"
The latest cut from Kalen
is "Rabid Girl".
From my point of view it is the perfect piece for her multi-faceted
The tune is a "blow the top off" number which I think crosses to all
contemporary genre. A strong back beat, almost a Latin Jazz sound, then  Kalen paints us a picture of what those of us who have lived in Manhattan have all seen before with her brilliant lyrics...
"Delancey liquor store, refuse to serve her more...cops are on the way, she's a regular they say" all this, throw in a funky riff, and some blues just for color and a Big Apple story and you have a great tune by a singer who can smoothly slide from one to the other...that's "Rabid Girl".
Kalen tells me it will be released as a single and a video soon.

listen to it here...http://www.kalenmusic.com/

Kalen is originally from New Hampshire, a grad from Pennsylvania U.
Now of course living in the Garden Spot of the world Brooklyn USA.
Her previous CD, Honky Tonk Hip Hop, rocks too.

Baby Boy, the first cut again shows Kalen's lyrical genius...
"How did you get so close to me...I don't remember giving you a key"...Baby Boy.

Heart And Soul, another cut...is a smooth, bluesy, jazz harmony tune where Kalen lays it all on us,
her range and ability to set a mood win you over on this one.
Some real good what I call,  "young lady blues" which means a talented young artist who can whale the blues like a veteran. She will give you on this tune her "Heart and Soul".

The CD is a showcase of her piano and vocal skills. I highly recommend it.
All songs were written and performed by Kalen. Produced by, Phillip Carroll.

All in all this lady's music is highly contagious, and could lead to addiction...You have been warned!

Kalen's "Rabid Girl" can be downloaded now, ITunes; http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rabid-girl-single/id438294602  paste this link to ITunes.

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Nadia Ackerman, "The Circus Is Back In Town"

Nadia Ackerman     photo; Brad Trent

The lady must know something about the ocean, she made it here from Australia!
Singer songwriter Nadia Ackerman will soon release her new album
"The Ocean Master".


Starting at age 3 when she awoke her mom and dad with "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" her creativity has been evident.

Morning broadcasts in Australia lead to contracts in Asia, then Canada and now we are the lucky ones who have her here in New York.

Along the way she sang at Carnegie Hall and  back up to Sting, Billy Joel and James Taylor, Shirley Bassey and others.

I am excited to see this talented artist who has impressed me with what I have heard so far.
She will be at the Rockwood Music Hall in Greenwich Village on April 18th, 
and I'll be there to bring you a review.

Nadia's previous works including her popular album "The Circus Is Back In Town"
are all available at http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/nadia-ackerman/id148210469.
From which I might add the title tune is great!

 I asked Nadia if she could only have one album to take if she were
leaving this planet which would it be, she chose, Hats, by Blue Nile, a group from Scotland.

I also asked if she could perform with any artist living or dead
who would it be, she chose Rickie Lee Jones.

So there is a bit of Nadia and her music. You'll be hearing much more
from her in the future!

Nadia is also the voice of UPS..."logistics" check her out...

Check out Nadia's music page listen to her music and join her page...

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In F, Genghis Barbie ...by Pete Cataldo

Genghis Barbie? I know an oxymoron you say, how can those two fit together? I'll show you how.

You take four beautiful, talented young ladies with twenty six years of conservatory experience, lots of spirit and a love for their work, add four French Horns and New York City to the mix and Wallah... Genghis Barbie!

How many times have you been at a concert or show
or even watching TV, and you see the artists walk out and your first impression is always right, good , bad, boring whatever it is the "first sighting"  sets the mood.

With Genghis Barbie you will feel the excitement right from the jump.Then when you hear their music you will fall in love.

This innovative ensemble consists of; Alana  Vegter (Freedom Barbie), DePaul University, Julliard
Rachel Drehmann (Atilla The Horn), University of Minnesota, Manhattan School of Music
Jacquelyn Adams, (Jungle Barbie), University of North Texas, and the Curtis Institute and last but certainly not least ...
Danielle Kuhlmann (Velvet Barbie), Juilliard School and Rice University.

Here is how they got started and chose the name as told to me by Jungle Barbie;

"Four friends who chose the same profession, realized that for better or worse, they had been chosen to change the face of the French Horn forever. We had all known each other for years through schools (auditions/gigs/teachers/music conservatories) but the idea of forming the greatest pop horn quartet of all time didn't surface until Freedom's bachelorette party. So step one; a band name. Genghis Barbie. Velvet's dad suggested it. A family friend's 5 yr old daughter learned about Genghis Khan in school during her Barbie phase and invented a comic strip called Genghis Barbie. The name was just sitting there.... waiting for us! Thus, Genghis Barbie was born- Velvet Barbie, Freedom Barbie, Jungle Barbie and Atilla the Horn.  We collectively decided stage names, fur and leather were probably all must-haves for four intense chicks who are hell-bent on making something unique happen with traditional instruments"!

"We're fund raising for our first CD (we're at $3500 our of our $5000 goal- pumped!) Our campaign is at www.indiegogo.com/genghis-barbie. One of my favorite things about being in GB : the diverse, quirky fan-base, ranging from retired classical horn players in the sixties and seventies to teenage internet junkies who found us through youtube, facebook or a random write up".


 Well they have me "hooked" so you will be hearing a blow by blow account
  of their every move here on this site.

Up coming events for Genghis Barbie;   March 16th, Local 29, NYC
 March 18th - 20th North East Horn Workshop, and San Fransisco in June at the International Horn Symposium.

here is a taste of their great sound; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhx1hbNPmlI

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