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StreetcredMusic NYC~ Music/Life II, with Clara Lofaro

Music/Life Part II: I found some footage from the original shoot Music/Life, in 2012.

Documentary style footage with Clara Lofaro. Some real talk and great music.

Hope you enjoy it. There is a link to Part 1, below.

Clara has stopped performing.

Her music is still a fine body of work.

Perhaps with things as they are unfolding,

We may see her again.

Here's a link to the original Music Life

StreetcredMusic, Champian Fulton, Winter's Jazz Club. Chicago, Sunday Matinee

An always delightful event, Champian Fulton, keeper of the American song book.

This time, at the best club in Chicago, Winter's Jazz Club

Accompanied by Dennis Carroll, bass and Pete Zimmer, drums 

Champian covered everything from Billie to Basie. And of course one of her own compositions.

Her skill on the keys just seems to get better with time. Her arrangements always spot-on.

Smooth and natural are the words. Like an athlete, she has a gift.

Looking forward to seeing her in New York's Birdland in September.



StreetcredMusic. Nikki Yanofsky, Before And After.

 People in general think performers, actors, musicians, fell from the sky as they see them now.

Not so. It's a process. Years of trials and tribulations, mistakes, discoveries and path changes.

Sometimes they just grow up, like  Nikki Yanofsky

Here's a video of Nikki as she is today.....

VIDEO:  Nikki with Stevie Wonder




VIDEO: A Nikki You Can't "Forget"

 VIDEO: Nikki From 2010 "The Way You Look...

Nikki Yanofsky

It's been a joy watching you over the years.

     Thanks for the music, Nikki!




StreetcredMusic: Lucine Fyelon, Before and After.

 People in general think performers, actors, musicians, fell from the sky as they see them now.

Not so. It's a process. Years of trials and tribulations, mistakes, discoveries and path changes.

Here's a young woman who has talent to spare. She made a niche for herself.

Soprano, violinist, composer, she leaped into the twenty first century, and is here to stay.

Lucine Fyelon 

   Here's a VIDEO "Now or Never" of Lucine today

 Here are some videos, from Lucine, from years past::

 VIDEO: Lucine plays Vivaldi

 VIDEO: Lucine sings JAZZ


Lucine Fyelon


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StreetcredMusic: Maggie Rose, "Have A Seat" Tour. New York, Chicago


Maggie Rose

I'm not a journalist. I'm not good at mashing adjectives and superlatives to form a 'critical' opinion. I do have eyes and ears. I know what I see and I know what I hear.They have served me well in the seventy plus years I have been listening to music.

What I see when I watch Maggie Rose perform live is, a woman and her music. I attended two shows in the last week (December 18th) of the "Have A Seat" tour, which by the way began in July.

What I saw was 110 percent. A woman who did not back up one inch in any of her performances, after six months. Every show was from the gut and her heart. Two different audiences, the Brooklyn crowd and the Chicago mid-west gang. Both were buzzing about what they had just seen.

I read reviewers who write "she's gifted"... "she has a gift" Maggie has several gifts. She has a heart, a personality, a stage presence, and the voice. A versatile voice with range and a soul. And she leaves it all out there every night. Her lyrics are, simple, universal, and attached to melodic lines that stay with you. Her musicians, her support group on stage, is top notch.

Maggie sings from the inside out. "All good art is self revelation"

Whatever you do, don't tell Maggie...It is what it is.

Here are some images from the shows~~ VIDEO~Maggie Rose

Pete Carma and Maggie Rose




StreetcredMusic: Kristin Hoffmann, "Water Of Life"

 Kristin Hoffmann

 Water of Life" was created as a special new piece of music to celebrate the first World UNITY Water Day, June 24th, 2020...graciously commissioned by the organization UNITY EARTH. I designed the music to re-encode listeners with the feeling, movement, emotion and sacredness of water, helping us to viscerally re-member that we ourselves are Water Beings.


 My personal mission is to amplify awareness and healing through the vehicles of song, sound, powerful storytelling, and wellness. Music and the arts have the unique ability to catalyze heart-rooted change and a sense of inner-connectedness to all things. Through portals of heightened creativity, love, and light we are re-sparked into states of infinite flow and possibility.

It’s an honor to weave with you on your journey of self and collective discovery! 


Kristin's web site



StreetcredMusic: Songs About 2020. Natalie Gelman and Maggie Rose

 Songs about 2020, unquestionably the worst year of their young lives. 

  Natalie Gelman   and   Maggie Rose  have composed songs for us to reflect.


VIDEO: Offical, Natalie Gelman 2020


Natalie Gelman


VIDEO: Maggie Rose Official 2020 

Maggie Rose

Two great tunes written in the troubled times of 2020!!

          Thank you ladies!


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StreetcredMusic. The Coming Of A Star. Maggie Rose

 The coming of a star. Maggie Rose

       Her latest album, "Have A Seat"

For Rose, the charmed experience of recording in Muscle Shoals has catalyzed the start of a thrilling new era in her musical evolution. “Working with musicians of that caliber and knowing they were giving my music so much attention definitely made me thrive,” she says. “I felt so safe going deep into the emotional places within the songs, and I think you can feel that love and camaraderie when you listen to the record.” At the same time, Have a Seat is undeniably the sound of an artist fully coming into her own, without concession or compromise. “I’ve worked in this industry for over a decade, and I feel like I’ve finally carved out a lane that’s genre-bending and all my own,” she says. “I had to really fight to find that space for myself, and this record is my way of staking my claim.”


VIDEO: "What Are We Fighting For" Maggie Rose 


Maggie's website

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