StreetcredMusic. "Frontwomen IV" Courtney Love

Mz Love had an itinerant childhood, but was primarily raised in Portland, Oregon, where she played in a series of short-lived bands and was active in the local punk scene. After briefly being in a juvenile hall, she spent a year living in Dublin and Liverpool before returning to the United States and pursuing an acting career

 Love spent her early years in Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, until her parents divorced in 1970. In a custody hearing, her mother, as well as one of her father's girlfriends, testified that Hank had dosed Courtney with LSD when she was a toddler. Carroll also alleged that Hank threatened to abduct his daughter and flee with her to a foreign country. Though Hank denied these allegations, his custody was revoked.


Love has a contralto vocal range. According to Love, she never wanted to be a singer, but rather aspired to be a skilled guitarist: "I'm such a lazy bastard though that I never did that", she said. "I was always the only person with the nerve to sing, and so I got stuck with it." She has been regularly noted by critics for her husky vocals as well as her "banshee -like" screaming abilities. Her vocals have been compared to those of Johnny Rotten, and David Fricke of Rolling Stone described them as "lung-busting" and "a corrosive, lunatic wail". Upon the release of Hole's 2010 album, Nobody's Daughter, Amanda Petrusich of Pitchfork compared Love's raspy, unpolished vocals to those of Bob Dylan.

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StreetcredMusic "In Black and White" Nina Simone and Christina Aguilera. Porgy.


"I Loves You, Porgy" is a duet from the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess with music by George Gershwin and lyrics by Ira Gershwin. It was performed in the opera's premiere in 1935 and on Broadway the same year by Anne Brown and Todd Duncan. The duet occurs in act 2, scene 3, Catfish Row, where Porgy promises Bess that he will protect her. Bess has a lover, Crown, who is abusive and continually seduces her.

The song was popularized by Nina Simone's adaptation from her first album, Little Girl Blue.


 In 2008, a Grammy tribute to Nina Simone, done beautifully 

           by Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera is a Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter renowned for her powerful voice and hit songs.Throughout her career, she has sold more than 75 million records worldwide. Aguilera has achieved five No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart making her the third female artist, and fourth overall, to top the chart over three consecutive decades (1990s, 2000s, and 2010s).



StreetcredMusic. "Frontwomen III" A Series. A History. Juliette Lewis and Maggie Rose

 StreetcredMusic. "Frontwomen III" 

Juliette Lewis...Juliette and the Licks was an American rock band led by actress and singer Juliette Lewis. Other band members have included guitarist Craig Fairbaugh and guitarist Emilio Cueto, bassist Jason Womack and drummer Ed Davis. Their popular songs include "You're Speaking My Language" and "Hot Kiss".


Hi I'm Juliette, Queen of pixie magic and soul fire. 
 This is my one & only, Facebook page
A smooth blend of soul, rock and some country.
The stage cones alive when she takes it, and she takes it!
Surrounded by a great platoon of musicians.
Great material. Simple melodies and universal lyrics, 
blend beautifully with her natural style.
Making her shows a must see.

Frontwomen Parts I and II Click HERE 


StreetcredMusic. "Frontwomen II" Gwen Stefani and Yula Beeri

Frontwomen II   A series, a history. Women in music.

 Gwen Stefani

 In many ways a direct descendant of punk foremothers like Ari Up and Alice Bag, Gwen Stefani took the baton and ran around the world with it, “just a girl” bringing punk and ska to the masses with a pop sheen that made it perfect for ‘90s radio.



Yula Beeri

From Brooklyn, by way of Tel Aviv. Yula has fronted several bands. The eXtended Famil, and Seasonal Beast among them. Her current project is Y&I Music 

A total new concept of original compositions. 

...Almost impossible to define, the best way to describe their music is by imagining MIA, Kate Bush, and Tom Tom Club mixing aesthetics. Not influenced by pop but creating pop songs, it’s “rhythmic and primal, airy and ethereal, and intense and catchy, all with a sense of playful fun.” (John Ordean of One In Ten Words)

 Here for ~ Frontwomen part1  (Blondie & Janis Joplin)

Here for Frontwomen part III   (Juliette Lewis and Maggie Rose)


StreetcredMusic. Two Songs About Getting High, Ninety Years Apart. Ella Fitzgerald and Brandy Clark

Written in 1936 by Marion Sunshine (Marian Tunstall Ljames) 1894-1963.

A live stage and early screen actress and songwriter. 

She was a member of the Ziegfeld Follies, 1922/23

She translated to English the first million selling Latin tune, Peanut Vendor. The hit from Cuban bandleader Don Azpianzu. She thus became know as "The Rumba Lady"

Here is: "When I Get Low I Get High"


Brandy Clark, songwriter from Morto, Washington.

Six time Grammy nominee  

Here is "Get High"


Though Clark sells a lot of "Get High" merchandise, she said the song "was never about pot." She explained: "It was just the vehicle to tell the story; it was more about escapism and how one woman escapes her life, the parts of her life that are too hard to deal with."

follow me: Pete Carma


StreetcredMusic: Say Thank You To, Blondie and Janis

 Enjoy the "Frontwomen" that I grew up with in New York City.

They had the stage and they use it to speak out. 

War, civil rights, women's rights, and equality.


"We only have one rule and that is there are no rules, 

so stand up and sing as much as you want to.”  

Rock ‘n roll wouldn’t be the same without these women. It was a world dominated by men but these queens didn’t just break in         to mainstream and become household names, they also paved the way for other females to pursue      their passion in music and be just as badass as their male counterparts.
“Women are not always taken as seriously as we should be, 
so sometimes we have to put our foot down"


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She died in 1970 but her influence on other female rockstars cannot be stated enough


StreetcredMusic, Champian Fulton, Winter's Jazz Club. Chicago, Sunday Matinee

An always delightful event, Champian Fulton, keeper of the American song book.

This time, at the best club in Chicago, Winter's Jazz Club

Accompanied by Dennis Carroll, bass and Pete Zimmer, drums 

Champian covered everything from Billie to Basie. And of course one of her own compositions.

Her skill on the keys just seems to get better with time. Her arrangements always spot-on.

Smooth and natural are the words. Like an athlete, she has a gift.

Looking forward to seeing her in New York's Birdland in September.



StreetcredMusic. Nikki Yanofsky, Before And After.

 People in general think performers, actors, musicians, fell from the sky as they see them now.

Not so. It's a process. Years of trials and tribulations, mistakes, discoveries and path changes.

Sometimes they just grow up, like  Nikki Yanofsky

Here's a video of Nikki as she is today.....

VIDEO:  Nikki with Stevie Wonder




VIDEO: A Nikki You Can't "Forget"

 VIDEO: Nikki From 2010 "The Way You Look...

Nikki Yanofsky

It's been a joy watching you over the years.

     Thanks for the music, Nikki!