StreetcredMusic: "With Love" New Album From Greta Panettieri

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The latest album from Greta Panettieri "With Love" is now available.
The album is somewhat of a departure from the jazz, Brazilian rhythms that she masters so well.

Greta takes a look back at the 70s and 80s classic rock and pop tunes, along with some Italian standards, to deliver this easy listening work. I say it's long overdue. And it may be her best and most popular work.

Surrounded as always by some of the best musicians available today: Flavio Boltro, trumpet, Andrea Sammartino, piano/organ, Itaiguara Brandao, guitar, Rocky Salento, guitar/cello, Daniele Mencarelli, bass and Alessandro Paternesi, drums. The album has 11 tunes and runs 53 mins.

I love the selection of tunes. Greta has added her unique interpretations to some classics from a generation ago. A generation when all genre of music were available on radio, unlike today being force fed what the record companies decide you should hear.

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Released 1977 by the Commodores, is given tender care by Greta. One of my favorite all time tunes, and I was stopped in my tracks by this wonderful arrangement.

"Against All Odds" Greta offers a smooth velvet touch to this 1985 Oscar nominated tune. A tune of farewell. She makes it completely understandable, in that sometimes you have to part. It's a mellow tribute by Greta to a universal experience, a breakup.

"Please Don't Go" A 1979 chart buster for KC and The Sunshine Band. Greta takes it upbeat as the tune was meant to be. Her range and ability to scat delights. Some great instrumentation here as well.

Additional tunes include: Goodbye Stranger, Never Can Say Goodbye. 
Greta also includes the Italian classics: Attimo Per Attimo, Anonimo Veneziano, Se Io FossiUn Angelo, La Voce Del Silenzio, Anima.....and Vivere. (video below)

.....please enjoy this video the smooth voice of Greta Panettieri and the trumpet 
work of Italy's Flavio Boltro 

HERE IS THE VIDEO, Enjoy::: Vivere (To Live) 

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