Streetcred: Nominees for Photo of the Year, 2016

That time again... I have to select the best photo of 2016. Remember the photo is judged on it's emotion, the timing, and the feeling when the photo was taken. And of course the people involved, and perhaps most important, the mood. Photo quality takes a back seat to all that.
ALL of these people and places were responsible for the success of the blog this year.

Here is 2015's winner::
Kayce Laine   &   Erin Pellnat
                           **************************************************** are the rest of the nominees for 2016 Photo of the Year...

...a GR8 shot from the album release show, Sept.
   .........Keren Botaro

Keren Botaro 
...Veiny Girl, unmasked, at ThehiveNYC

Yula Beeri
 Nikki Yanofsky's first album with Quincy Jones.
.....Single video here:: 'Kaboom Pow'

At TheHive, video release of 'Now'
...Yuli with Yoav Bar
Here is the video:: 'Now'

Yoav & Yuli

just added five more as of Dec. 14th...
  (a couple more coming)

Keren Botaro
   ...album release Sept.

Erin Pellnat, Caretaker
   ...their show, Brooklyn, NYC 

Top to bottom: Yula Beeri, Tessa Lena, and Melanie Willey
   ...together on stage at TheHive.

The 'original' Pianowmen, June 2016
   ...Erin, Tessa, Kayce, NYC

The Diva, Greta Panettieri...
   ...Signing her new CD, 'Shattered'

just added four more as of Dec. 12th...

The creation of ??Veiny Girl??, at: TheHiveNYC
   ...created by Alain Rochefort, Yuki Sato & Libi Ohayon

Erin Pellnat, B4 her band Caretaker
   ....hit the stage.

Erin Pellnat
 Yula Beeri, performing with,
   ...Renzo Vitale & Strings.

Songstress Kayce Laine Pianowomen video shoot, June 2016.

just added four more as of Dec. 8th......

Me and "what's her name"?
Before her show. September 2016.

MaryC & The Stellars, June 2016.
DUMBO, under the Manhattan Bridge.
Mary sings backup, GR8 show as always.

MaryC 'Love Automatic' video

Tessa Lena, Pianowomen shoot, NYC
June 2015. "Baby Robots"

Tessa Makes Love

"The Butt Shot" Erin Pellnat,
  Pianowomen shoot June, 2016, NYC
  With Daniel Diosdado &  Ricardo Birnbaum

just added four more as of Nov. 28th......

The many talents of  Lara Bello
Vocalist, musician, writer, dancer, composer.
Her Tribute Performance to Federico Garcia Lorca, in New York City.
My review of the show, HERE

Lara Bello

This is the Queen of R&B, Arika Kane
I chose this photo from several she sent to me. She was gracious enough to do an Op/Ed for Streetcred. Which BTW drew thousands of readers.
She was a big part of the blogs success in 2016,. xo

Arika's Op/Ed Read it HERE

This one has to be in the running, for many reasons.
1. This may be the only selfie you will ever see of Tessa Lena (L)
...........with her are the other two 'Original Pianowomen' Kayce Laine  
        ..........and Erin Pellnat .....#Pianowomen videos: HERE

Tessa, Kayce & Erin xo #Pianowomen
 ....and this is just me in the bathroom of Nublu a Tessa Lena show, Tessa Makes Love, is the band.

....more coming!

Some of the nominees for 2016.

Tessa Lena at #Pianowomen filming
M Train, Flushing Ave  TheHiveNYC

31 inches of snow, 33d Street & 6th Avenue

Mary Jo Camel Toe Awards Show, Mary Jo accepting her 'Uneven Titties' Award.

         .........More coming!
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StreetcredMusic: David Bowie, Prince, 2016. By Greta Panettieri and Lucine Fyelon

In 2016 we lost David Bowie, and Prince, but not their music.
Tributes were all over social media, TV, and live gigs.
These were the best I've seen....

Greta Panettieri ... a longer version is available on Greta's new album 'Shattered'

Video: David Bowie: "Life on Mars"

Greta's Music: Here

Lucine only she can, also paid tribute.

Video: Prince's 'Purple Rain'

Lucine Fyelon, web site
  Prince: 1958-2016

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