StreetcredMusic. Conversation with Sonia Montez. Part l

This blog is for Indie Musicians. Many of them, Greta Panettieri, Yula Beeri, Tessa Lena, and Jade Simmons among others, have given me praise for giving a 'voice' not only to their music, but a platform to speak.

Here is a chat with one of the most outspoken, intelligent, informed and TALENTED musicians on the New York scene for years:: Sonia Montez

Enjoy~~Part I

Video chat with  My friend Sonia Montez

Enjoy::: a video by Sonia Montez and the Henry Street Players~~ 'AveryJane'

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StreetcredMusic, New CD from Kalen &The Sky Thieves`"Bluebird"

Kalen: friend of this blog for several years has a great new CD available now!
Her band of 2 years, 'The Sky Thieves' has given us 'Bluebird'

Kalen & The Sky Thieves
Kalen has been a force in Indie Music in New York City ever since I started my bogging.
"Bluebird" is a mirror of her versatility.
The silky, smoothness of her voice mixed with her 'rockstability' make this CD unique.

The title tune, 'Bluebird' is a bluesy heavy bottom tune, with some great guitar work by, Will Hanza
....this tune to me, jumps from a blues opening to a more heavy rock finish. Remember I told you Kalen was versatile!

Kalen's range and that 'silky smoothness' I mentioned is on display on 'Keep You Mine'...
...speaking of on display, as good as her recordings are, you must see her live to get the full impact of her talent. Performance, which is lacking in so many indie artist's 'bag' is a plus with Kalen.

'Island' Tune #4 is one that stays with the listener. It's melody, that to me creates a feeling of an ocean, and Kalen's upper register, well. it paints a picture, cool, wind, flowing. Nice tune!

...and then the ever present, sultry, antisocial 'Rabid Girl' shows up. One of the very best tunes I have heard from Indie Music in years. Again there is a portrait painted here. Of NYC, with a beat that says...
everything New York is about... stress, strife, hardship, police, addiction, and Delancey Street, as observed by Kalen...and all put together in a great composition.

This is an album of 10 tunes, that the Sky Thieves can be proud of. One thing that I don't normally mention, but for me it adds to the listening pleasure...the rotation of the tunes here is perfect!

Kalen: on her music...
   "I think it's a combination that I've never wanted to just say I'm going to do this one thing. I listened to a lot of my mom's vinyl growing up, I love classic rock, but then I love a lot of trip-hop. I never saw myself as a singer-songwriter even though I was one, so I always really tried to incorporate other elements of soul and groove and funk by making my songs really bass-line heavy, even just on the piano. I think that's part of why the sound is multifaceted, because each person in the band also has a really diverse music taste individually, but also come from really kind of different schools of music. Will Hanza comes straight from '70s psychedelic music and Wayan Zoey comes from jazz and jam band world. Jay Giacomazzo came from more of the rock and punk scene, and then I came from  New Hampshire writing funky bass-lines.
Get the CD, BUT make sure you get out to see them LIVE!

Web site:: and get the CD here:: Kalen&TST
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