StreetcredMusic: Kristin Hoffmann, "Water Of Life"

 Kristin Hoffmann

 Water of Life" was created as a special new piece of music to celebrate the first World UNITY Water Day, June 24th, 2020...graciously commissioned by the organization UNITY EARTH. I designed the music to re-encode listeners with the feeling, movement, emotion and sacredness of water, helping us to viscerally re-member that we ourselves are Water Beings.


 My personal mission is to amplify awareness and healing through the vehicles of song, sound, powerful storytelling, and wellness. Music and the arts have the unique ability to catalyze heart-rooted change and a sense of inner-connectedness to all things. Through portals of heightened creativity, love, and light we are re-sparked into states of infinite flow and possibility.

It’s an honor to weave with you on your journey of self and collective discovery! 


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