StreetcredMusic; SheSaid~HeSaid, Sinatra 100 Years and Champian Fulton..'Day In Day Out'

Just a few months until we celebrate the centennial of 'The Chairman of the Board', Frank Sinatra.'s another of my 'HeSaid~~SheSaid' looks at the American Songbook.

The tune is, 'Day In Day Out' She Said it this way....

     Video:: Champian Fulton

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One of the most popular and hardest working women in JAZZZ> it seems she is working every night
world wide.....and one of the nicest!

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The Chairman had it his way::On a TV Special.

Video: Sinatra, Day in Day Out

"Day In, Day Out" is a popular song with music by Rube Bloom and lyrics by Johnny Mercer and published in 1939.
According to Alec Wilder the song, 56 measures long, has a wonderful, soaring melodic line, free from pretentiousness, but full of passion and intensity which is superbly supported by the lyrics. Although the catch phrase "day in—day out" sounds like a dull routine, Mercer uses exotic images to contrast with the boring sound of the phrase.

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