StreetcredMusic: After The Music: #Pianowomen with Erin Pellnat


"After The Music" with Erin Pellnat 

Songstress, Sky Diver, resident of Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.

A style all her own, versatile, in her music and her life. From heavy metal to jazz

she excels. And it's all wrapped up in an exploding stage presence.

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StreetcredMusic: "After The Music" with #Pianowoman Kayce Laine


Get to know the artists I support and work with. That's the purpose of this blog. If you know them you will probably take more interest in them and their work, that's the mission here. #Support.  Non profit support.

So take a look here at a familiar face  Kayce Laine an original #Pianowoman. Four years now after the first #Pianowomen shoot, we got together to see what's been going on in her life.


We did not know it but just days after we were in New York City shooting this, Covid devastated the area we were staying in. Kayce went back to Nashville and spent a week with a flu like illness. Me I got lucky I guess, I was fine.  


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StreetcredMusic: "That Jazz Life" Greta Panettieri

Eleven years of StreetcredMusic: In 2012 I wanted to document the stories of several women who came to New York City from other countries, to make music.

Here is one of those stories, Greta Panettieri    

"That Jazz Life"


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