Throwback Thursday~Bob Dylan~Clara Lofaro, Coming to New York City. #Supportindie

The Melting Pot, New York City...especially for musicians....
I hear the stories from dozens every week. I came here because.....

And I'm afraid that.. I won't fit in, I won't be able to keep up with the pace, will I be accepted?
Will I find a place to live that I can afford, will I need a day gig?

Well here are two, 50 years apart, who have both 'fit in' and given us some wonderful music.

1961...He left Minnesota, came to be near his Idol, who was hospitalized, Woody Guthrie.
Visiting him daily and playing what were then called 'coffee houses' in Greenwich Village...

Bob Dylan...
here is his take on NYC! from 1961...
VIDEO:: 'Talkin New York'


Then some 40 years later came CLo.....Clara Lofaro
....with a smile!

CLo fit New York City like a glove. Writing her music, performing and finally a while ago, "no more shitty gigs".....she's all in with her music and her career! In Da Apple!

Her very positive take on NYC, after arriving was:: A video~'Just Smile'
From 2010.


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Gato Loco, 'Psycho-Mambo' From New York City, heading to Europe!

 Gato Loco
 An experience::Gato Loco.

Penning themselves as Psycho-Mambo from New York CityGato Loco were formed in 2006 by New York City native Stefan Zeniuk. Their sound is unique and never boring. Jazz? Rock? Latin? Vintage? New? Gato Loco are really hard to pigeonhole, and this new song illustrated by a self made claymation video is a fantastic new addition to the band's ever-growing mystery.

Truly a group of Crazy Kats, crazy like, wildly entertaining.
 Enjoy their latest::: video: 'Cumbia Call'

Stefan gave me the dates of Gato Loco's European tour ::
Get ready over there~~get tickets!  Gato Loco tour dates!

Depending on the venue, if you are lucky, you may get to see Stefan unleash the flameaphone!!

 Stefan Zeniuk
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