Cezara Lucia, A Talented Enigma (an excerpt)

Cezara Lucia Vladescu
                “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
 Listening to her words was an experience I will never forget. Trying to define her is not possible.
I will give you her words, in text, and you can get to know this woman who to me is a musical instrument, that lives and breaths, the piano is just an extension of her, and her life style.
                                      Free, caring, loving and totally uninhibited.

Listen: HERE!

Cezara-Lucia Vlădescu started her piano studies with her mother, also pianist, Carmen Giorgiana Vlădescu.
At the age of fourteen she was admitted under exceptional circumstances and with the highest score at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe.(Romania)
Here she pursued her studies at the special division of ´Young Students` with Prof. Günter Reinhold. She completed her studies earning her Bachelor degree and Artist Diploma at the Music Academy in Karlsruhe (Germany) in the piano class of Prof. Dr. h.c. Fany Solter.

Cezara Lucia
    Cezara Lucia: 
Versatility is a great quality.
The possibility to juggle with options, choices…that's power.
So many people are stuck at some point because they are limited in a certain square determined by their human capabilities of doing something, and by the geographical position of their bodies.
When I finished school (I needed a break to think about if I actually ever been in a school for real) my friends were panicked due to the storm of choices coming after them. Which was exciting to observe for me, as I didn't have any choices, any options. There was only one thing I could do – music. Art. They were the lucky ones. They were the bi's. 

So many great words include the syllable "bi".

The BIble. So many different stories, so many different theories. At the end one can never be wrong. I can apply either the New or the Old Testament. I get free of sins whenever I want.

amBIguity. One can always get away with being ambiguous. When you don't have the money.

BIgamy. I mean ok, it's a crime, but how many people aren't there, married and still acting like the husband toward another person? Isn't BIgamy only the legal form of cheating? And c'mon, let's be serious. Cheating it's the only effective success guaranteed growing factor in a relationship. The longer one trusts and loves someone, the bigger the cheating factor. So why punish someone only because they're lucky to have options and even have them legalized in most of the non-western countries.

Here is more of her amazing music:  'Polar Bear'

more coming bout her.......

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On Women's Rights, For StreetcredMusic, Greta Panettieri

Greta Panettieri, is my friend. She is one of my favorite people on Earth, not just because of her unmatched vocal talents, her infectious smile, her sense of humor, and her intellect...

But because she speaks out against hypocrisy. She made videos exposing former Italian Prime Minister... (I won't mention his name, he does not deserve the recognition.)

Greta is my 'go to girl' when it comes to politics....and when we go out to eat, I always let her select the Vino!!

Greta Panettieri
 Greta was raised on a Commune in Italy, her parents were politically active and well, you can see her amazing story in 'StreetcredMusic' my doc film.

So naturally I asked Greta to comment on women's rights for this series...When I asked her she was on 'tilt' and angry about a recent decision made by well, here, I'll let her tell you......

 "Hi Pete  here is what I think about the subject , women's rights, as of today"

Do you know why I was mad yesterday? I was mad because the day before yesterday the German Cardinals admitted the use of 'the day after' pill but of course only if you have been raped. Isn't that nice of them?
 Now I could sit here writing a million things, I could give you any possible scenario to explain how incredibly disgusting this is but it wont change the facts....unfortunately! 
Like your friend Katya(whom BTW I'll be vary happy to meet) was saying is all about the babies!
Women carry babies and so they are the most desirable power tool for a man.
Back in the Ancient Greek days soldiers were supposed to rape all women of the occupied city so they would carry their babies and so on, two thousands years later this interesting war technique is still in great use, and Cardinals give us the 'OK' to 'the day after pill'  (only if you've been raped), well thank you very much guys! I mean do I need to comment???

 Greta: We had reached a moment in history were it seemed like things were improving, people were fighting for civil rights, women, colored, gay, handicapped, but the last 15/ 20 years have been dark, ignorance and fear all over the world are the main enemies.You can't talk only about women's rights without examining the political and cultural environment, cause when a woman gets abused, stalked, disrespected, not payed a fair salary only because she is a she or can't be elected in a powerful position only because she is a she or can't be a priest or a POPE only because she is a she, well those are signs that we are still in a 'middle age' state of living, and I don't see any easy or near solution to this.

Greta Panettieri
I could go into all the sex scandals that we had here in Italy with our old 'friend' Berlusconi; the last one is from two weeks ago~ he basically verbally abused a secretary while visiting an office and guess what? He got by with it because it's funny, he didn't mean no harm he was just kidding, Oh yeah people enjoy those spicy jokes...now that woman can't go back to work because she asked Berlusconi for a public apology to her for having publicly embarrassed her... but the company she works for and even the President of the region are forcing her to silence, she has no rights to defend herself not even from a joke, imagine if she was abused, she would be dead by now and no one would know!

There is not one street on the planet where if you walk by yourself at least one man won't say at least a 'hey baby' (best scenario) to you, you can be dressed up or in sleepers skinny/fat/ pretty/ugly young (better) /old , doesn't matter a woman alone is not allowed and a man knows he can say whatever to her and she will have to take it, she can ignore it but still take it, because she knows that if he really wanted her he COULD take her and there is Nothing she can do about it...(unless she's trained or armed ...) Now, how do we change that Pete?
Me; now you know why I insisted on walking you to the front door every night in NYC! 

That's Greta...
On a lighter side, she has a new album coming soon, I have heard cuts~~it's awesome!!

Gretatze...as always, you let it fly ~ xoxoxoxoxo, Ciao for now....CU soon!!

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On Women's Rights, For StreetcredMusic: Katya.

Katya Kassima, is a friend of mine for about five years. I met her at a jazz club in New York City.
She is from Odessa, in the Ukraine. A graduate of one of the foremost schools on the planet, Odessa University (health and rehabilitation) in 1990. 

She is not a musician or in the arts at all. She is a anesthesiologist. She will hate me when she reads this but~~~I have never met a woman who is so 'up' on the politics of the world. She sees the hypocrisy in all of it, and coming from a childhood in the Soviet Union, to the USA, has not fooled her at all. This is why I asked her to write some words for me (and you) on women's rights.

Here she is:
 "Peter, Peter, Peter.....only you could turn a music blog into a forum for woman's rights. And by the way, I am insanely hooked on Greta Panettieri and her music, I want to meet with her!"

Katya:   дерьмо!!!   Women's rights a term that I never had spoken in 22 years under the Soviet Union. A woman was a woman, was a woman. You had babies, you cooked, you kept you 'quarters' in order. But you know what, I don't want to talk Soviet, that was oppressive and everyone knows it.

To put it in the most simple terms as we always do you and I....I do not wish for women to have power over men, but to have power over themselves.

 My own sex, I hope, will excuse me, if I treat them like rational creatures, instead of flattering their graces, and viewing them as if they were in a state of perpetual childhood, unable to stand alone.

Peter, we have talked about this before, I have told you that I am looked at in America as a 'tough cookie', when in reality as you know I am a softie! People here see my political views and my resistance to corporate and government bull shit as something they should run from.

Anyway Pete, as an anesthesiologist, I would like to pass on something I read in college...
      it's laughable, but at the same time, it shows how men walk away from the horrors they create
           and women are left to 'mother' the worlds problems...
 ~~When anesthesia was developed, it was for many decades routinely withheld from women giving birth, since women were "supposed" to suffer. One of the few societies to take a contrary view was the Huichol Tribe in Mexico. The Huichol believed that the pain of childbirth should be shared, so the mother would hold on to a string tied to her husband's testicles. With each painful contraction, she would give the string a yank so that the man could share the burden. Surely if such a mechanism were more widespread, injuries in childbirth would garner more attention.~~

Thanks Peter, for asking me to write!  xoxo


He Said~She Said, Pavarotti vs My Princess, Lara Fabian

My purpose with these little pieces of music history, is to give you a few minutes of sanity in your music selection. Something different, to try to relieve you from being force fed by the record companies. Enjoy!!

There is no gender in music;

He Said; Luciano Pavarotti ....'Caruso'

 "Caruso" is a song written by Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla in 1986. It is dedicated to Enrico Caruso, an Italian tenor. Following Lucio Dalla's death, the song entered the Italian Singles Chart, peaking at number two for two consecutive weeks. The single was also certified platinum by the Federation of the Italian Music Industry.

She Said: Lara Fabian ... 'Caruso'

 The song simply tells about the pain and longings of a man who is about to die while he is looking into the eyes of a girl who was very dear to him. The lyrics contain various subtle references to people and places in Caruso's life.

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Clara Lofaro, Erika Van Pelt (of American Idol) ~A Collaboration!

Little did I or Clara Lofaro know back in April when we started filming my documentary film, the first day of shooting by the way, that the tune we were going to film Clara writing that day, would now become part of an album by 'Idol' finalist Erika Van Pelt. The tune is 'Hurricane'.

Clara and me on a break from filming the birth of 'Hurricane'

David Browning on skype from Nashville helping compose 'Hurricane'
CLo and 'Rock Star' Craig Wilson, put the finishing touches on 'Hurricane'

 In addition to 'Hurricane', Erika will also include, Clara's...'Listen, Learn, Then Delete', 'I Choose You' and ..'I Want More'..(co written with, Richard Sokolow and Peter Wostrel)

 Clara:  “I’m psyched to collaborate with Erika!  She’s is such a talented artist, and I can’t wait to hear her interpretation of the songs.  If anyone can sell them, she can!"

Erika Van Pelt whose sound has been compared to Pink and Kelly Clarkson, is fresh off her 46 city American Idol international tour and is set to record ten songs on her debut album.  Richard Sokolow is the executive producer and feels “blessed to be working with such amazing vocalists, performers and songwriters.”

Erika Van Pelt
Producer Richard Sokolow:
We have just asked Clara if she would like to do some backup singing on 'Hurricane', and we hope she says yes!
I can also envision Clara and Erika doing live shows together.  That would be a very powerful combination!

Here is the first release from the CD::  Enjoy Video!

~~you will be hearing more here as this project progresses!!!!

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Yulix, and The Hive, Valentines Day

If you really want to spread some love, and you believe in the spirit of Valentines Day, as a day of affection and showing the one or ones you love, some love, think about spreading some love, with Yulix. She dedicates her life to just that.

The Hive is a totally nonprofit, independent community of artists in Brooklyn, they are presenting three shows for Valentines weekend, Yulix The Opera, the 15th 16th, and 17th.
They do not have a 'budget', they make do with what they have and some minimal contributions.

They make shit with their hands, props, scenery, costumes...I have watched for weeks now, the endless hours of rehearsals and preparations. And keep in mind everyone in the show and the support crew are all donating their time and talents. In addition they have to work elsewhere to pay their bills.

So this is a chance for you to see the 'Fallen Angel' Yulix, make love and joy triumph over evil, have a night out on the weekend of LOVE, for a donation that will go a long way to spreading LOVE, what better on the day of LOVE!

make you reservation HERE, you WILL need one... 

and thanks!!!

Artists In New York, Part XIII, Stefano Baldasseroni

New York City, always has and always will be the melting pot of the planet. StreetcredMusic is now seeing it from the inside. I have encountered literally hundreds of artists that have been drawn here by the subway, the bagels, the cappuccino, and of course the opportunity to fulfill a dream...express their creative genes, to mingle and learn from the best...to be exposed to the vast ocean of talented, educated, artists, so one can aspire to be the best you can be!

Stefano Baldasseroni
   Stefano Baldasseroni, someone I met through, that Yula chick that just keeps 'eXtending' her family (Stefano mentions her later on) and the community is 'The Hive'

...here are the wonderful words Stefano expressed about coming to New York City...from Rome, Italy.

 "Moving to NYC, pros and cons, two sides of the same coin…This is the first statement that came to my mind when Pete Carma asked me to write something about my experience.The overall feeling about my decision is a huge sense of satisfaction and pride. I’ve always looked at the States as an unreachable dream that I had to shut down in order to keep some mental sanity. Everything about the U.S., especially about NYC, seemed to be the perfect thing for me, but I’ve always postponed the time to make a decision about moving or not.

I’m glad I waited, because this way I’ve had the chance to follow the unfolding of life and move here only when I was ready. During my career as a drummer I’ve always been very lucky and had the chance to travel a lot with my job. I remember the very first time, when I joined the Grandmothers, the former Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention and I left with them for a 2-week European tour. I was so excited - I had never left Italy before then and everything felt so new to me! It felt so good that I moved to London, where I stayed for 2 years before moving back to Italy.

Stefano and Yula Beeri at the Hive!
 It took me almost 12 years after that moment to decide to make the “big leap” and move. Almost three years ago, I realized that everything was screaming at me that it was time to leave Italy. The music business was going south, my love life was stagnant and dry and, all of a sudden, I met the man I consider my soul mate. The process is not easy at all. The USCIS has become tougher after 9/11 and getting a VISA is really something that can suck all of your energy. It took me exactly 365 days -1 year to gather all the documents (everything related to my career like gigs, fliers, interviews, endorsements etc.), recommendation letters, contracts and get my O-1 VISA. It was August 24, 2011, the best day of my life! There are many obstacles on the path of a musician who’s moving to another country. The first one is obtaining a legal immigration status, then comes making a name for one’s self. NYC is absolutely the place that draws extremely talented musicians from all over the world and the competition is very high. Breaking into the scene means that you have to push constantly and play every gig you can find, paid AND non-paid.

This is not the only reason why an immigrant musician has to work hard. After 3 years the O-1 VISA expires and, in order to be able to renew it, one has to show the USCIS that he’s been very active in the scene and that he WILL be busy for the next 3 years! It is a lot of pressure."


 Stefano: "On the other hand, NYC offers tons of opportunities, so many, that you have to turn things down sometimes. What I like about NYC and the people here is that the very first impression that everybody has when they meet someone new is that they basically trust him. They always give you a chance and it is up to you not to lose their trust. What I have accomplished in one and a half years in NYC is great. I have, along with two partners, a recording studio in Chelsea, where I record professional drum tracks for many clients, and I am making music with many wonderful and talented people.I started reaching out by replying to ads on Craigslist. Not an easy task, it works one time out of a 100, but one ad brought me an audition for Yula Beeri, one of the highlights of my New York experience, side by side with meeting my partner, Tom. Playing with Yula means being part of a wonderful community. It is not only a professional relationship but it goes beyond that because I became part of a family and this is one of the most precious things an immigrant musician can find when far away from home. I am very lucky because I’ve found friends and love."

I asked Stefano the two questions I ask everyone~~
. If you were leaving the planet and you could take only one album with you, which would you take?  
Stefano: "I would bring with me 'Greenhouse', by The Yellowjackets. Those people are really in contact to the meaning of being musicians. They can express themselves whit simple and yet touching melodies or with very complicated and rich arrangements. I would never get tired of it!"

2. If you could perform with anyone, who would you choose?

Stefano:  "I don't like being labelled as a rock drummer, jazz drummer or whatever. I am a drummer who likes music and who likes to challenge himself playing different styles. I would be gratified to play with someone who is eclectic and would explore different territories and different sounds. Sting would be the perfect candidate for me!"

 Stefano, thanks so much for letting my readers get a look and you and your music!!!

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