Working With 'Her Hotness' Clara Lofaro, StreetcredMusic, the documentary film!

Here's 'Her Hotness'....some of the work she has done for me and StreetcredMusic, and the Doc film::

Clara Lofaro

This is the first time 'Hurricane' was performed in public. June 2012, Canal Room, NYC.

Clar & her great tune 'Hurricane'  LISTEN!

Clara Lofaro, Canal Room, NYC, Summer 2012. For StreetcredMusic

Here is a 'live' version of  'Born To Love You', April 2013. The monster video was released May 2013.~~~~~we may use a bit of this for the film:

'Born To Live You' live!'s a video of CLo~~about us!!

First day of filming::

filming at Caffe Vivaldi!! second day of filming~April 2012.
We're coming back to Da Apple soon......Can't wait!!!

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Here's the monster video   ~'Born To Love You'

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Lawra, New CD~Origine~~(Laura Falcinelli)

 This wonderful new CD, 'Origine', from Lawra has me hooked!
...I have been a fan of hers for about six months, ever since I checked out her music online. 
Her style, her range, her smoothness with word....and then I found out more.


For instance her philosophy ~ "Dancing and singing with:: The heart in Italy, the head in Europe and the mind in Africa."

Lawra has taken some African rhythms and melodic lines, and injected them with some of her creativity, and fused them with some Rock, Funk, and in her classy style, just lifted them to a totally new sound full of love for the genre.

Lawra:: "I always had a deep attraction toward rhythm and African music. Since I was a kid, I looked for it around the world feeling it in my soul like an older sister and a seducing goddess."

'Afrikan Eyes'.."what are you going to do alone, are you really gonna find a home-OH-Africa."

...Tells of Lawra's yearning to find the genesis of the music. ~~the mind in Africa~~

From the CD::   'Silver'

The opening tune, 'Welcome To My Country'...Lawra let's it all fly. She takes us to the beat, the 'heavy bottom' of the Afro music that makes you just want to move and think happy thoughts of LOVE!

'Ding Dong Song' Lawra brings that beat and 'heavy bottom' into the 21st Century, to a somewhat Rap vocal, and complicates it to a funk!!!

....and yes there is a Booty song..."Afro Booty'...and it does what it is suppose to...just jamm, and get everybody on the floor, spreading LOVE!

But singing...
For years, it has been my hiding place. Sometimes, I was looking for a private and inaccessible space where I could be with myself. I found it in that intimate world where music takes you and knows how to keep you company. Other times I was afraid, but music always wins and takes you back home. This is my way to celebrate music and say thank you. 


This CD is fast becoming one of my favorites. As is this wonderful songstress. The musicians and the production of this CD are top shelf. I love it, you will too, get it here: 'Origine'

 Here is Lawra's youtube page:::: grab some LOVE!!  Lawra's music

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