Artists In New York, Part XIV, Mariana J. Plick.

Just recently, I had the opportunity to finally spend some time getting to know a young woman I had seen perform with Yula Beeri several times. Her name is Mariana J. Plick.

Mariana J. Plick   Cirque Squelettique
Music, the Punk Music of Yula &the eXtended Family is what brought all of us together, well here,
as I like to do for my readers, I'll let Mariana (Annie) tell you her story::

       Hi Pete,
I'm a circus performer and director. After residing in Philadelphia, then New York City, I moved to Montréal. While practicing in New York City, I enrolled in a professional program at Circus Warehouse, a circus training facility which trains acrobats. TheHiveNYC is my artistic home.

The Hive is resolution. In New York City, a casino of dreams, artists habitated for decades in a mecca of creativity. With an expensivity incline, higher priced housing, and the foundations of capital enterprise, such people now find an inhospitable economic environment there. The natural environment itself in New York suffered losses, trees dying amidst concrete body bounds in sidewalks littered by refuse and vomit.

 Not all of the city embodies this view, but a lot of the terrain speaks exactly to such dystopian visions. Those for whom creativity evolves of empathy and emotion encounter difficulties for such to flourish while crammed into a metal subway car in direct proximity to several drained individuals, whose vision for their lives in New York bespoke something so far from what they've managed to find there. 

Mariana with Yula&XFM, at Rockaway Beach.
In such a place, The Hive embodies a safe space to create art and relationships. In a small space of time I watched it grow into a beautiful theater, through which many aspiring artists of New York found ground to grow their visions. I met Yula through friends in the punk/music scene between Philadelphia and New York. My friend Kriss Marchena was managing Yula and the eXtended Family for a time, and they invited our friends from Philadelphia to The Hive to meet and discuss how to link our ideas together, reinforcing the dendrites between us so as to support one another. At the end of the night Yula played piano, which is always the most inspiring sound to hear.

I met Jason Yellen while at the Hive, on a day I made a video with Yula, Sarah Zar, and some others. He had actually read poetry at the first event I produced/directed in Philadelphia, called The Elegant Skeleton at Bookspace, an eccentric concoction of circus, poetry, and music. I began a mini Hive in Philadelphia at Bookspace for a Summer with the help of some friends, but once I moved to New York it was absorbed back into the ensconces of the city.

Ahhhhh, Mariana at The HiveNYC
One particular aspiration that The Hive supported: Cirque Squelettique. The project simply would not have existed without The Hive. Cirque Squelettique collects ideas and transports them into the corporeal. I wrote a movement narrative, Cirque Skeletique, which embodies the first full length incarnation of these ideas. This show grows through the lens of post-modernist critiques on bio political engineering, security culture, fascism, and other oppressive forces in societies such as New York City. The skills involved ranged from sword swallowing, belly dance, shurikan card/knife throwing, freak show, aerial acrobatics, contortion, illusionism, juggling, break dancing, and more. The show ran for three nights at The Hive, and one night in Philadelphia. My goal is to create commentary on how I see these things affecting us, and to traverse the terrain between the voiceless and unvoiced, to the public.

These ideas are still formulating and won't be tangible to the extent I would like for a little while, but I plan to focus much more on trees. 

Amazing....another wonderfully creative spirit who calls TheHiveNYC 'home'. thanks to Mariana for her words about 'Artists in NYC' and The Hive, and the amazing founder of it..... Yula Beeri...and it's life's blood, Jason Yellen.

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