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Fab Ness=Alexa Dectis

Alexa Dectis
Fab Ness? A new term used by teenage girls? Could be, but I think I found it to mean, caring, thoughtful, talented and courageous because of Alexa Dectis.

Alexa is a teenage songwriter, and a pretty good one.
She has dedicated her life to helping others and raising the hopes and dreams of all others who suffer as she does from, SMA, (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).
She has been wheelchair bound all her life.

A delightful young lady who has written all the songs on her new CD,  
"Fairy Tale".

One of the most moving songs you will hear at any level 
"Make It Through" stands out on the album.

"Every day we wake up, And we know just what to do, Every day we set out,
And dreams of living we pursue"

"Every day we wonder why our broken wings won't fly"
"Every time we let go, It's because we lost control" 

..........Some of the moving lyrics Alexa told me are to raise the spirits of others
and perhaps give them hope for "When you've risen up". (From "Make It Through")

Alexa donates a part of the proceeds from her CD to SMA...http://www.alexadectis.com/buy.php


In the past Alexa has sung on the streets of New York City to help raise funds.
She related a story to me of those days, when kids would come up and take photos with her, and one day there was a Shrek character in Times Square where she was singing and a crowd of sixty people formed a circle as they danced with Shrek to her songs.

I asked her the question I usually ask everyone, if you could only take one album with you if you were leaving Earth, which would you take....She wants Lady Gaga's, The Fame Monster, it figures, two artist who put their fans and their ideals at the top of the list.


Alexa organized Rock To Walk, a benefit for MDA, she has appeared on the
Jerry Lewis Telethon,
the Soap, Guiding Light, and was Amazing Kid of the Month 
in January, 2009. 

                               Alexa is a delight as is the CD, check out her site,

by Pete Cataldo, follow Pete  www.twitter.com/petecarma


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