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Nisha Asnani~~Ada Pasternak, in New York City.

Mothers Day, 2013...I was in NYC and got to see two amazing young women perform at Rockwood Music Hall.

First up was Nisha Asnani;
A voice, WOW! Some great original tunes, and her set flowed, I mean just flowed. A great set list, a wonderful band.  Call her, Soul? R&B? with a twist of just plain ole solid lyrics, and great melodic lines!!

  Nisha Asnani
Nisha, video

Next up was Ada Pasternak; 
Ada's set was filled with a bit of pop, jazz, and an ole school favorite of mine 'Angel Eyes'.
Her charming voice and arrangements, and her skill as a violinist made for a fast moving and unique and entertaining set.

  Ada Pasternak

Ada, Video

You will be hearing much more from them here, on StreetcredMusic and in NYC!

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