StreetcredMusic: Playing Free Gigs, One Woman's Opinion. "The Mop Up Band"

 Q: An open question about playing free gigs, while venue owners take in hundreds if not thousands of $$$ while you are on stage.

  A: Why would you disrespect yourself by allowing venues to make a profit off of you, with nothing in return for your hard work? As musicians, we need to start supporting our profession and stand up for ourselves.     
Think about everything that you have done to get to where you are now.  When you play a gig, you are displaying thousands and thousands of hours of hard work to an audience.  You’ve suffered through lots of frustration, sacrifice, and even money to hone your craft.  Don’t let all of this time and energy go to waste by giving it all away for free! You are so much more valuable than that! Art is what drives culture forward, and you have chosen to be an ambassador of art.  You are giving a great service to your community, but you still need to survive just like everyone else. 

    Free gigs: You are devaluing the entire industry...  
                     Elizabeth, "The Mop Up Band"

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