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Top Ten, Sexiest Piano Players, #9...Kalen

Once you have seen Kalen, as she put it "in the flesh and blood" you will understand why she is on this list!

Kalen is a New York based singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer. Originally from New Hampshire and an Ivy League graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, she brings her Northeastern intellectual poetic lyrics, detailed grooves and sense of jazz harmony to her urban landscape in her music.

Kalen:  The band is known as Kalen and the A-Listers... addition to Kalen's, skills on the keys and vocals she has composed two of the best tunes I have heard in a while with her "Rabid Girl" & "Golden Door"...both available, at Kalen's site!

have one more look, and then GET OUT and see her !!

That's Kalen #9.

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