First International Contact on the Angel ~Diva, 'Hot Line'

A historic first contact on the Angel~Diva hot line:
Thanks to the dozens of programmers, annalists and technicians, that are on my personal staff, we have finally perfected the line of communication between me and all the Angel~Divas. This is a wireless connect, that is sent by osmosis, Angel to human, a great break through!!

I want to now post this for all the Internet Historians (Geeks) out there to save for the ages.
The very first international contact with Greta Panettieri from Italy.

I post it, and the photo as I received it...
Gege Telesforo (L) & Greta

"Hey Pete, this is for the blog:
I just got home after an afternoon in SAXA RUBRA ROME which is the main base of Italian Public Radio and TV.
We recorded a live show with Gege' Telesforo and the NUJOY Band, for 'Invito personale' which is the number 1 program  on the number 1 radio station...can I say it was awesome...??!!!
 It will be on the air by Dec 23rd and will let you all know about it 'cause we played some cool tracks...
...then we will be the resident band at Umbria Jazz Winter from Dec 28 to Jan 1st everyday 2 shows a day,  and I'm telling you, it's gonna be so much fun this year... there will be lots of amazing bands and singers at the festival and we're planning on jamming with most of them :  (Kurt Elling)....
than we will play the Blue Note in Milan, than Istanbul and a tour through the main theaters  in Italy...than the Italian summer festivals, than CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA..............???!!!
...meanwhile Andrea and I are finishing up the Bakery's second album and..... WE will Finish 'StreetcredMusic' the doc film!

I'll go get some vitamins tomorrow...
all for now more soon....

if I had an IPhone I could document it all but since I don't you just have to trust me...ahahhahahah
...........there you have it, unedited, from my first love, and again she is FIRST....with the Angel~Diva hotline!

 Here's a link to the great nu album...'NU JOY'....

Thanks, Gretatze!!  xoxoxoxo      awaiting your next message AND....maybe Santa has an extra IPhone.....have you been a good girl??!!

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