StreetcredMusic: Let Me Introduce, Bonnie Legion.

A new exciting artists from the Left Coast, Bonnie Legion.

Bonnie:: Hi Pete...
"My name is Shavon, I started out making music about seven years ago, under the name, sounds like Shavon, doing primarily original acoustic material, I won several online contest and hooked up with several groups and producers creating music in various genres.  Through a long struggle trying to find my sound and place I made a big jump, and switched to the Alter Ego Bonnie Legion.    Bonnie for me represents the rebel, fitting inside no box or single genre, Legion representing the army of emotions and voices in my head.   I work in genre's such as Deep House, progressive house, trip hop, Hip Hop, Grime, Contemporary Piano, Pop and more...Traveling around the world and working with artists and labels from all over such as MB Sak, Luca Grignaffini, Uedra, Chrisville, Qrittx, Paul Oakenfold, Musical Noize, Perfecto Records and more....I just recently signed a track with Sony Records Mexico, Ultra and Armada's sub label Starlight Records.   Music is an everyday thing for me, its my life, the way I choose to express my deep feelings and emotions toward just about everything.   I'm full of empathy, and wide ocean of emotion, like a sponge I soak up everything around me and music is my outlet for release. My songs are full of hope, love, fear, exploration and freedom, on a journey toward Liberation from a hard past.  
Bonnie's Video::UEDRA
Bonnie Legion
I think of myself as a musical chameleon able to hear a track and find something completely unique and perfectly fitting to that feel or production vibe. This ability has given me great success over the past years, a rapidly growing fan base, and so many projects collaboration requests I can hardly keep up anymore.   My goal is to reach a wide audience of people, inspire folks to never give up, believe in themselves, stand up and fight for who they are and there beliefs.  I want to make people feel, I want to make people think.  I want to make music for the rest of my life".   

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My thanks to Bonnie for letting my readers get to know her, I'm sure there will be much more coming from this wonderful songstress...

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