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The Missing Links, Classic/Jazz and Rachmaninoff/Rap ~Cezara Lucia Vladescu, Jade Simmons

SheSaid/SheSaid..Two of the best at what they do...worlds apart, but music knows no borders.

Cezara Lucia Vladescu, from Romania, has called herself the 'missing link' between Classic and Jazz.
...and if you watch the way her compositions flow from one to the other, you have to agree.

Cezara Lucia Vladescu
I love watching her...
Here is my favorite composition of hers to illustrate, that 'Missing Link' Enjoy 'EPA'  


...............if we move some 6,000 miles east, back in the US of A....One of America's best Ambassadors, Jade Simmons who's current project (and it's difficult to keep up with what all she does) is another wonderful 'bridge' she is building...'Rachmaninoff to Rap'.

Jade Simmons
...enjoy Jade with Rachmaninoff Prelude C- sharp minor

Jade has played at The White House, and if memory serves me she played Rachmaninoff's piano in Saint Petersburg, Russia, while she was there as a commentator for the Tchaikovsky Competition. 

Here is: 'Missing Links' Part II

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